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WARNING!!! – Here we go again! – ANOTHER LARGE CME BREWING – NASA WARNINGS still in effect!! Saturday 16th March 2013

As pointed out yesterday my worry has always been that several events could come together producing the perfect storm here on Earth?

I am currently monitoring this second potential CME that looks like it may fire off in this direction re-enforcing yesterdays massive blast!

If this does evolve into another LARGE CME blast and if it heads this way it could produced some serious problems for our fragile systems while our magnetic field is busy recovering from the previous impact!

Stereo Ahead Cor2 08:39


I presume this potential CME is the one developing in the area to the bottom right here?!


Yesterdays CME model


Current NASA warnings


Latest image:

Stereo Ahead Cor2 09:39



In the event of strong geomagnetic storms you can protect your delicate electronic equipment by using your microwave oven as a Faraday cage!

But DO NOT switch it on, otherwise you will fry everything!


Latest image

Stereo Ahead Cor2 10:39



Just the facts!

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