Watch “8? The Marriage Equality Play Everyone Is Talking About (VIDEO)

On Saturday stars including Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and many others assembled in a Los Angeles theater to perform Dustin Lance Black’s “8?, a play based on real transcripts from the Proposition 8 gay marriage trial, interviews with the plaintiffs, and eye witness testimony. The performance was streamed live across the world via YouTube, but if you missed it you can find the complete performance ready to watch at your convenience below:

With regards to the performance, AFER Board President Chad Griffin said:

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“This play will continue to show Americans — one by one — that truth and justice can prevail over prejudice and fear. Try as they might, the anti-marriage proponents of Proposition 8 cannot hide their discriminatory arguments from the American people. The fight to secure marriage equality is at the heart of our generation’s search for greater freedom–this play shows why.”

Saturday’s performance marked the West Coast premiere of the play.

“8? had its much-heralded Broadway world premiere reading on September 19, 2011, at the sold-out Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City.

Throughout 2012, AFER and Broadway Impact are licensing “8? for free to colleges and community theaters nationwide in the hopes of encouraging dialogue, understanding and action.

To find out more about “8?, head over to the AFER website here.

And if you do watch the play, or have already seen it, remember to let us know what you thought of the play in the comments below!

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