WATCH What CNN Won’t Show You: ‘Get out, fascists!’ Angry Kramatorsk citizens drive Kiev forces away

from RT:

Amateur footage shows an angry mob in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine yelling at Kiev forces as a new ‘anti-terror operation’ is underway. Locals are calling soldiers “fascists” and telling them go back to Kiev because they don’t need them in Kramatorsk.


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  • Mr. Pollock

    They aren’t ‘Fascists’ they are the same scum used in Syria, Afghanistan etc to kill Christians and destroy indigenous peoples and sovereignty, they are hired by Jewish banks to install a Jewish dictator and let the Jewish banks consume the country’s assets. This particular branch of Jewish hired mercenaries were trained in Poland and are armed by Soros and Bernard Levy. True Fascists fight the Jew and run the banks out of town, only left-wing scum grovel to Jewish banks. These are the same parasites that are going to take down America and leave it looking like 1920s Ukraine by the time they have finished sucking it dry.

  • dougdiggler


  • Leon Trotsy

    Solzhenitsyn said 70 million Christians were murdered by Bolshies and thousands of churches destroyed.
    Russia Today and assorted local Bolshie sleepers are now trying to convince us that the psychopaths have miraculously changed into wonderful charitable Christian custodians of traditional values. Hogwash. The bastards are trying to finish the work their grandparents, etc were outed for.
    As we know “To Serve Man” is also a cookbook.

  • michael mazur

    ABC/SBS Australia are the CNN equivalent, except that they are funded by the taxpayers $1.1Bn to LIE to the taxpayers. The nightly news are the kicks in our teeth.

    Mr Pollock, they may well have been Poles as they didn’t appear to want to speak with the locals as this would have given the game away.

  • Name

    American paid backed fascist nazi scum puppet forces.