We are definitely “headed” toward….something epic! Consider the growth of the following:

I would love to superimpose a chart of the following:

Population of Earth (consider in 1970 there were 4 billion people, now in 2013 there are 7 billion!)

Inflation of U.S. Dollar (98% purchasing power eroded since 1913…hmmmm what Act was passed by Congress in 1913?)

Consolidation of wealth/wealth distribution….I do not like the term “wealth distribution” because wealth is not distributed, it is earned and obtained. But, I think of “wealth distribition” as if viewing wealth from a 3rd person point of view- just how wealth is spread out among the people of the world.

The “growth” of technology…if it could somehow be displayed as a graph chart, in novelty and progress in technological advances

The “growth” of medicine…see above

The rate of extinction of life forms on planet Earth

All of these graph charts would show continuing and continuing upward trends….and in the past decade, a massive spike in increase!!!

This brings to mind, once again the concept of time as a cycle, especially the Mayan T’zolkin and the orders of magnitude of “time shrinking.”

Yes, this is very much so also, in a way related to the concept of “Timewave Zero” and the ever-increasing “novelty” in the universe.

Entropy is a topic to be considered as well.

But, if you were to superimpose all of those graph charts, it would be obvious to even an 8 year old child, that we are headed toward “something.” And by something, I mean something MAJOR.

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Apocalypse? The “end” of a cycle, with an E.L.E.? The “transformation” of man, into a different type of being?
The singularity, where man and machine will no longer be distinguishable?

So, then. I pose to you two topics for consideration and debate:

1. What do you think of the graph chart concept- what graph charts would you add to give strength to this idea? What graph charts would *weaken* the concept? Can the graph charts just continue to “explode” upward and upward, each time growing more than an order of magnitude greater than the time period before? (this question leads to the next idea-)

2. What is at the “end” of these graph charts? Can they continue forever? If not, what happens to stop everything? Is it a “hard” reset?

*yes, I understand that my chart offerings in the beginning of the post are certainly a United-States-centric worldview. Please do not let that prejudice your thoughts on this subject.

We live in exciting times…in fact, there is not a word to describe this age we live in….Exciting implies enjoyment, and I do not think this age is purely joyful…there is going to be darkness and pain and suffering either way….but will the pain be likened to a butterfly writhing in a cocoon, eventually emerging as a completely altered being- gorgeous and free and liberated and happy?
Or will the pain be constant and not a path, but the destination itself?

I understand there is so much to discuss here on this thread. Please share your thoughts and ideas as cohesively, intelligently, and respectfully as possible. That said, I am so interested to hear what *you* have to say!



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