We Are Enemy! Left media desperate to redirect attention from THE enemy to THEIR enemy… Us! – PBS PROPAGANDA HIT PIECE

One of the worst pieces of propaganda sh*t I have ever seen.

Where is the piece on the marxist/commie terrorist groups?
Islamic terrorist groups?

No, “lets just call the God Fearing, Patriotic American Citizens bad guys!”

F*ck PBS and all the left media.

A comment from a viewer on the video. This guy gets it.

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“Now that the FBI has been told to focus on MUSLIM TERRORIST, liberals buddies, SUDDENLY here is the liberal news trying to redirect the focus and resources back on to their enemy. God fearing patriotic Americans. The peoples protectors that have been here and WILL ALWAYS be here. So go fuck yourselves liberal media, you wont be raping this country any longer.”

h/t The Pale Horse


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