We Are Entering One of The Most Worrying Times In History: While The Fed Is Playing An Extraordinarily Dangerous Game, The World Should Consider Switching From The Dollar To Gold

Egon von Greyerz: We are entering one of the most worrying times in history

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With gold and silver moving higher this week as stocks were trounced, today, Egon von Greyerz lets King World News readers know what to expect for the rest of this year as well as for 2013.  Here is what Greyerz had this to say:  “We are entering one of the most worrying times in history, maybe even for centuries or even for a millennia.  I think we are going to see a turn in the world economic situation that is going to be long and extremely difficult.”

Egon von Greyerz continues:

“We will see an economic collapse.  The economic collapse will lead to more social unrest, and it will lead to wars.  It will also lead to unlimited money printing, bonds collapsing and interest rates soaring.  We will also see a stock market which will collapse in real terms (vs gold).


Turk – The Fed Is Playing An Extraordinarily Dangerous Game

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Today James Turk spoke with King World News about an extraordinarily dangerous game the Fed is now playing and how it will impact key markets, including gold and silver.  But first, here is what Turk had to say about the ongoing crisis in the US:  “On Friday in the United States, the Department of Agriculture released its report showing the number of people receiving food stamps in August.  The total is 47.1 million people, which is a new record high, Eric, but here is what I believe to be a staggering comparison.  The number of people receiving food stamps increased in just that one month by over 420,000, while only 96,000 new jobs were created in August.”

James Turk continues:

So 4.3-times more people started receiving food stamps in August than got jobs.  Even the miracle 175,000 monthly increase in jobs that was reported just before the election pales in comparison to the number of new people receiving food stamps in August.


Avoiding The Fiscal Cliff = QE To Infinity

There is no reason to expect that renewed efforts at federal budget deficit reduction will result in anything more than the usual smoke and mirrors, further increasing, not reducing, long-term U.S. sovereign-solvency risk.  In reality, the U.S. economy has not recovered, and no recovery is pending.  Consumer liquidity remains severely impaired, and broad business activity continues to falter anew.  As a result. the actual federal budget deficit going forward will be much worse than the relatively rosy numbers being used as the basis for government negotiations – John Williams, www.shadowstats.com

Everyone can draw their own conclusions about how this so-called “fiscal cliff” situation will play out, but the only way it can possibly be “resolved” is by postponing the inevitable.  As Williams states:   “Accordingly, global market reaction—to a severely deteriorating outlook for U.S. fiscal conditions—increasingly should reflect massive flight from the U.S. dollar and movement into gold and the stronger Western currencies.”


The Bank of England has just crossed the line into straight government financing

This is a slippery slope, and I regret to say that the Bank of England is now very much on it.

So now we know why the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee called a halt to more Quantitative Easing this week – it’s because the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England have concocted a backdoor way of doing the same thing.

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The latest little (actually quite big at a tidy £35bn) money printing wheeze comes about as close to outright monetising of government spending as it is possible for the Bank of England to go without simply creating the money and handing it by the lorry load to the Treasury, a la Weimar.

What the Treasury has decided to do is take the accumulated interest payments on the stock of government debt the Bank of England has bought under quantitative easing, and credit it to the Government’s books rather than the Bank of England’s. The total is £35bn, of which the government intends to take £11bn this financial year and £24bn next….

We’re Witnessing An Unprecedented Moment Where Countries Lined Up Demand Return of Their Golds Reserves While Central Banks Around The World Are Anticipating Unlimited Money Printing



Speaking at the Bali Democracy international summit over the weekend, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdo?an blasted the IMF’s role in the global debt crisis, stating that  “It is thought-provoking that the IMF is not using gold as a global currency’‘ and that “One would wish that the IMF would help the countries in trouble, but this is not the case.

Not content to stop there, Erdo?an likely placed a target on his/Turkey’s back when he stated that the world should flee the petro-dollar for gold:The world should consider switching to a monetary unit such as gold, which is at the very least an international constant and indicator which has maintained its honor throughout history. This is something to think about.

From Mediolana:

Love him or hate him, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is rarely anything other than eminently quotable. But from time to time he expresses an idea which strikes a chord with many people outside his natural constituency, and during a recent riff during the Fifth Bali Democracy Forum – an annual event that has been held since 2008 and which focuses principally on democratic developments within Asia – he did so again in a series of remarks directed to the International Monetary Fund (‘IMF’), where he openly questioned the value of cross-border transactions being denominated in a currency belonging to any single nation (or, by implication, a group of nations). According to Erdo?an, the world should consider switching ‘to a monetary unit such as gold, which is at the very least an international constant and indicator which has maintained its honor throughout history. This is something to think about.’

A few years ago, such comments would have seemed implausible, but it is now easy to imagine many economic sages agreeing with the leader of the Justice and Development Party, a political entity that has ruled Turkey since 2002

Erdo?an also argued that capital punishment is sometimes legitimate. We would point out that it is not only legitimate, but well deserved, and likely the only cure/solution to bankster fraud/theft/crime against the 99%. Read more



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