We Could Be Headed For A Severe Economic Turbulence This Fall As All Financial Roads Intersect In October 2013

– Release of the new $100 Bill…end of October.

The Federal Reserve says that the redesigned $100 bill will begin circulating on Oct. 8, 2013.

The redesigned currency, which includes new security features such as a blue, 3-D security ribbon, will be easier for the public to authenticate but more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate, the Fed said Wednesday.

– Implementation of new Basel III Banking Regs…Q4, beginning in October.


The Central Bank of Russia has prepared a pleasant New Year’s surprise for Russian banks: Basel III, the set of world standards that tightens capital requirements, will be introduced on January 1, 2014, instead of on October 1, 2013, as originally planned.

As Central Bank Chairman Elvira Nabiullina announced, the regulating institution intends to synchronize its introduction of the Basel III requirements with the European Union and the United States.


Basel III: How The Bank For International Settlements Is Going To Help Bring Down The Global Economy

A new set of regulations that most people have never even heard of that was developed by an immensely powerful central banking organization that most people do not even know exists is going to have a dramatic effect on the global financial system over the next several years.  The new set of regulations is known as “Basel III”, and it was developed by the Bank for International Settlements.  The Bank for International Settlements has been called “the central bank for central banks”, and it is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.  58 major central banks (including the Federal Reserve) belong to the Bank for International Settlements, and the decisions made in Basel often have more of an impact on the direction of the global economy than anything the president of the United States or the U.S. Congress are doing.  All you have to do is to look back at the last financial crisis to see an example of this.  Basel II and Basel 2.5 played a major role in precipitating the subprime mortgage meltdown.  Now a new set of regulations known as “Basel III” are being rolled out.  The implementation of these new regulations is beginning this year, and they will be completely phased in by 2019.  These new regulations dramatically increase capital requirements and significantly restrict the use of leverage.  Those certainly sound like good goals, the problem is that the entire global financial system is based on credit at this point, and these new regulations are going to substantially reduce the flow of credit.  The only way that the giant debt bubble that we are all living in can continue to persist is if it continues to expand.  By restricting the flow of credit, these new regulations threaten to burst the debt bubble and bring down the entire global economy.


– Tapering of QE2Infinity Begins in the last half of September.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. (MarketWatch) — The Federal Reserve seems on track for a small reduction in the pace of its asset purchase program in September, according to experts attending the central bank’s annual retreat in Jackson Hole.

There was a palpable sense at the gathering that Fed officials are eager to bring the era of extraordinary policy stimulus to an end.


– Obama orders all financial regulatory bodies to have Dodd-Frank Regulations in place no later than Q4 2013.

President Obama urged bank regulators Monday to completely put in a place a series of financial regulations that Congress passed in 2010.

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“The President commended the regulators for their work but stressed the need to expeditiously finish implementing the critical remaining portions of Wall Street Reform to ensure we are able to prevent the type of financial harm that led to the Great Recession from ever happening again,” said a White House statement.


It almost appears they think something is going to happen at in Sept. or October…

– U.S. Treasury Secretary Says U.S. To Exhaust “Extraordinary Measures” On Debt Ceiling In Mid-October

The US will hit its statutory debt ceiling in mid-October, raising the chance that the government will be forced to default on its debts, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Monday.

In a letter to Congress, Lew urged legislators to raise the limit from the current $16.7 trillion, saying to not do so “would cause irreparable harm to the American economy.”

The Treasury has been operating under the ceiling since it reached that level on May 17, helped by “extraordinary measures” to manage expenditures, and a surge in tax receipts above forecasts.


– The Obamacare Nightmare Will Officially Start October 1

How is ObamaCare Paid For 2013?

ObamaCare is paid for itself via 21 new taxes most of which are on larger businesses and the health care industry. Although many taxes are already in effect, many more roll out in 2013. Take a look at the ObamaCare Taxes in 2013

Additional funding comes from those who aren’t covered under Medicaid or Medicare. Americans will have the option to buy private insurance, obtain insurance through the workplace, pay an income tax penalty to not have health insurance.




High level government documents reveal that the Pentagon is preparing in full force for ‘large scale economic meltdown’ and massive revolt via the US public — exactly what we are criticized for doing.

You see the Pentagon and agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD) are in full scale emergency readiness in their own words for ‘cataclysmic’ events that are believed to ultimately ignite riots in the face of chaos and economic collapse, and it’s all out in the open. And it’s one of the reasons that we’re seeing such a massive amount of spying on activists of all kinds, alternative news writers and personalities, and basically anyone preparing for themselves.

The US government is dedicated to logging such information into a major database in order to ‘prepare’ for the coming collapse that they are predicting in their own documents for all to see. Collapse predictions that have turned into ‘war games’ by the Pentagon, which in 2010 were orchestrated to prepare for what the Pentagon dubbed ‘large scale economic breakdown’ and the disappearance of essential services like food.

In this same ‘war games’ exercise dedicated to domestic response, exercises were ran in order to prepare for ‘domestic order amid civil unrest’.


Only 5% recovered from recession


Weak U.S. durable goods data dims growth outlook


Obamacare Enters Texas As Dallas Fed Employee Workweek Drops To 2009 Levels




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