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“We Were Told To Lie” – Bank Of America Employees

I have good acquaintance who posted this above video. Goes into detail on how BoA employees were told to lie. LOL!!! No wonder there are so many squatters.

This is him here below…

BoA forcloses on whoever they want regardless if the house is owned or the mortgage is through another bank!


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  • duffer

    class action time people…bring the cork soakers down…

  • mr_bellows

    correct me if i am wrong, but the fact that this was a nation wide practice qualifies this crime as RICO Act violations? – ie cross border criminal conduct. Certainly, if true, this is a criminal conspiracy by the banks to defraud homeowners…period. Time for these douche bags to go to jail along with the cops and politicians who protect all these criminal organizations (banks, churches, lobby groups and think tanks.)

  • Badger Badgerism

    the Dollar is worthless…always was IT’S A NOTE!

  • Norman Rockwell

    And bank robbers were labled as “public enemies”??


    The problem is, the agencies/people who are supposed to keep this in check are the very agencies/people who are involved. I can see no way to correct this short of __________. You fill in the blank.

  • Lunaursus20

    MR BELLOWS…you are correct, is is criminal.

    DUFFER….Don’t go class action… won’t be adequately satisfied financially. Everyone grab a lawyer and individually sue the slimeballs for fraud. Suing for fraud entitles you to get THREE TIMES back what you lost!!!!!
    WALLYnWV….Good post. Everyone from top down is involved. Why do you think govn’t not only lets them slide but allows banks to contine defruading citizens?