Webster Tarpley, 2008: If Obama wins, the project is tol smash Russia and China.

This warning was issued in 2008….BEFORE Obama was elected!

“The project of the next administration, if its Obama, is to smash both Russia and China. People in Europe had better wake up. That sill romantic illusion that they have about Obama is going to be suicidal…

Obama’s foreign policy is to have a global showdown with Russia and China” – Historian Webster Tarpley

watch the video



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  • TomatoBubble.com

    To is mispelled as “Tol” on the headline….and silly is mispelled as “sill”……..I used to think people like Tarpley were delusional, and yet, here we are provoking the crap out of Russia and China!

  • florin N.

    Tarpley woefully under estimates the power of the Jewish lobby. “Threats to Israel” as packaged by Likud takes precedence for a man advised by Emmanuel, Axelrod, Sunstein and the Tribe generally. Obama is zionism’s perfect puppet.

    And it is obvious.

    Don’t trust anyone who suggests otherwise.

  • Vauen

    Problem is so very few have the intellectual stamina to handle this information. But please, if you know anyone who can use their brain, send this to them.

  • Lysander

    This man has a very confused world picture in his mind. He takes bits of sensible political explanations and mixes them with false-flag events and nutcase theories in order to make all anti-Establishment conspiracy explanations look kooky. This is generally the mark of a “neutralizer” — someone who has either been deliberately planted among us by the Insiders to divide and neutralize true patriots, or someone who has been promoted by the Media to mislead the average citizen into wasted effort or apathy.