Weird Fog in coastal Georgia, moving WAY inland, is it related to Chemtrails, is it an Aerosol? Strange Sounds -12/8/2012

I have been asking questions about the fog in another thread I had going on the constant spraying over the last 2 weeks.

I don’t know if the fog is related, but its extremely weird, it doesn’t rise from the ground up like other fog, it comes in at treetop level then settles down.

As a training NCOIC in the past, this seems like something else, more like an aerosol dispersed in the air then settling itself down.

Very weird indeed but let me know what you all think!


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  • Anonymous

    Over here in Richmond, Texas just outside of Houston we had fog for about 3 days Dec 3 – Dec 5th. I don’t recall alot of rain and the days really warmed up over 75 degrees. Could they have created a Chemtrail cloud off the Gulf and blew it in at night while we slept??? We certainly would have breathed it all in as driving into Houston starts around 6 AM. Nanoparticles and GMO in our food and more toxic air. Completely sucks. Next will be emergency vaccines filled with DNA altering chemicals to make us food for the damn Aliens – Demons. I really like the 50s and 60s….this all is too much and I don’t even watch TV any more. I really my KJV bible and get more confirmation something dark is coming…Watchman’s Cry – Nathan Leal has some interesting ideas.

    • Clee White

      Indeed and agreed! Read Isaiah 17 as Damascus becomes a ruinous heap! Also, Psalm 83. Rick Wiles has a guest named Jim Haddock who studies prophecy and is spot on. The July 27, 2012 broadcast will blow you away! I’m in Southeast TN on the NW Georgia border and the spraying increased heavily about a week ago and we are in a fog, also. Not so much a fog but a mist. The “clouds” are very low and it is hard to distinguish their distance until night comes. I live near a main road and the orange street lights make the sky look almost red at night. My words to the PTB: STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!!!

  • Jstme

    Up here in Pennsylvania – been having fog for about a week. Issued a “code orange” for air polution. Not giving us any explanations.

  • Melissa Wykes

    I’m up near Austin, TX and we haven’t had a lot of fog, but I have noticed more chemtrails lately as well as a kind of fogginess in the entire atmosphere. I know fog when I see it, I used to live in the Pacific Northwest. This is not fog. Its a reduced long range visibility due to nothing in particular as far as anyone can tell. I think its abnormal, subtle, and a little strange.

  • WarriorClass3

    Central Texas has had several areas inwhich the fog was so thick it caused transformers on telephone poles to explode and catch fire. Same thing happened in November in South Texas on the Mexican border.

  • Marianne Ryan

    We had a very heavy fog the other day. We do often, but this one was weird because it didn’t coincide with the typical weather that brings fog in this area. We’ve been getting bombed with chemtrails for about a year now. We have a drought going on because of it here in Iowa. I agree with Clee White: STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!!!