Welfare payments a human right”, declares Stockholm rulers – plan on paying illegal aliens’ rent, computers and vacations if they have children

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Children of undocumented migrants can receive financial assistance – what was previously called social – of the City.

– It is a group that is not seen but which are perhaps the most vulnerable. They can be extremely difficult, we can not have children in our city who do not have food on the table, says Vice-Mayor Asa Lindhagen (MP).

The guidelines for the city’s economic assistance be reviewed. The point is, above all, according to Åsa Lindhagen, to get stronger in the perspective of children and children’s rights.

– It can lead to social services especially looking to the needs of children in more decisions, which the family might otherwise have had their application for financial assistance, she says.

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Children of undocumented, according to the new guidelines, the grant assistance to a reasonable standard of living.

Taking into account the child’s best interests may also aid granted for a reasonable rental cost based on the child’s needs.

– Stockholm is after, Malmo has been working on assistance to these children for several years. It is also about what is needed for the children to have a roof over your head. I feel incredibly strongly about this group, says Åsa Lindhagen.





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