‘We’re finally ready to fight for conservative principles’: Republicans back Boehner as crippling $85billion sequester spending cuts kick in

  • House Speaker John Boehner emerged from the meeting and declared that taxes were off the table as an option for the sequester replacement
  • Obama said the cuts will mean ‘hundreds of thousands of jobs lost’
  • President blamed the ‘dumb’ cuts on Republicans but conservatives see it as a win for their tough approach on spending cuts
  • President officially signed off on the sequester on Friday night


Republicans are cheering over House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to dig in his heels by not compromising with President Obama over the mandated $85billion in spending cuts.

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Because no deal was reached, the President had to order the beginning of the drastic sequester, forcing federal agencies to cut billions in accordance with a dramatic way to cut down the deficit.

Though his blatant show of partisanship may strike some as callous, it is winning him a lot of points from conservative members of his party who previously felt that they were being ignored.


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