We’ve Reached Population Overshoot Which Has “Morphed” Into Both An Energy & Financial Crisis

Japan’s desperately trying to reach equilibrium. Nature and the laws of physics are clearly at work here much to the panic of the Japanese elite. You can see this with the “economic” related population crash. More people are dying than being born. I note the “experts” are trying to blame everything from popular culture, to the internet, to the feminization of men for the collapse.

The truth is, young males in today’s Japan have zero intentions of getting married, zero intentions of having children due to massive real and worsening economic pressures. The women all brainwashed with consumerism want money spending on them. This is their definition of “fun”. Restaurants, engagement rings, weddings, holidays, cars, clothes, shoes, shopping, children etc The men simply don’t want the horrific consumer responsibilities nor the pressure in a rapidly declining economy.

Do you think women today care about a collapsing economy? They want the princess lifestyle and they’ll stop at nothing to get it no thanks to the constant advertising propaganda blitz. Think about it for a second, if your career was so unstable, your salary declining, the cost of living/taxes rising, the State heavily swayed towards women, would you dare take the chance as a young male today given those odds against you?

It’s interesting because most young men in the Western world are also walking away from the massive pressures of marrying and having children, especially in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, US & UK. How many fathers do you know of right now killing themselves to provide? Worrying day after day about paying the bills, keeping the food on the table. Then for all your efforts, most marriages end in expensive divorces usually at the request of the woman because she’s simply “lost interest” or the “good times” has ended. She “demands” monetary payments thereafter consigning the man to utter poverty. She demands payment and the State is only too happy to oblige, both by going after the ex partner, the father and also the taxpayer.

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Now we know why the UK/EU elite are so desperate for unchecked immigration. It’s all about perpetual economic growth, nothing more nothing less. The State must have its male slaves heavily indebted and consuming under massive pressure from the brainwashed woman, so the game can continue and they can keep enriching themselves at your expense. Is it not clear to you all?

So why has Japan lost its economic edge? Because the economy is an energy equation, the same way the West is, was and always will be. When energy costs rise because we’ve picked all the low hanging fruit, it makes those nations far less competitive relative to say China et al, this is why after 2008 we’re facing a crisis.

Now we’ve reached population overshoot which has “morphed” into both an energy & financial crisis, nature is taking over until equilibrium or a steady state is found. Unfortunately for us all, nature doesn’t always work in a kind, loving way. Those in the scientific community know nature can be brutal. Once again science observes this collapse dynamic phenomena: Phase Transitions in Complex Social Systems

My advice to most young males today is this, unless you have money, unless you will continue to have money or at least the earning capacity to do so IN THE LONG RUN, don’t even think about it because you will not survive the pressures brought upon you. If you’re intent on finding your dream girl, do not be pressured into anything until you’ve done a Mossad style clearance check on her and you have rock solid emotions.

Sad but true.




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