What Is Wrong With Nancy Pelosi?

Well, personally, I would have to say that San Francisco life-style, along with old age, has corroded her already small and empty mind.

But hey… who am I to judge? Certainly not Ben Carson.

Even the smarter Dramacrats know, it’s time for Pelosi to go!

“What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

Orders LGBT group to clap for Obama, laments ‘bulleting’ of youth, using wrong words, stammering, stuttering, mentally off kilter.

That question is coming up again as the House Minority Leader was seen on Saturday repeatedly telling the GLAAD audience to clap and botching simple words.

Speaking of San Francisco, Pelosi said, “Our city is blessed with a large LGBTQ community, and a strong history of legacy— of advocacy…”

A painfully awkward moment came when she had to tell the gay rights group to applaud for President Obama….”


h/t Mike