What now? OBAMA allegedly has no valid Birth Certificate after investigation

So now that the cold case posse has declared that new evidence and the ongoing investigation prove Obama’s birth certificate is 100% fraudulent now what?  We have apparently elected an ineligible man to lead our country and protect our sacred constitution.  He has done neither, we are closer to destruction then we ever have been and the elected officials that serve under him are mostly spineless yes men.  What choices do freedom loving Americans have left in this increasingly global dominated world.


1.  Except the premise that we are helpless against our masters.

2.  Sit quietly by and watch as the globalist royal family rules our lands and our people.

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3.  Yell and pray I hope that some hero in the world will deliver us from this eventual slavery.

4.  Stand our ground, follow the constitution and do not waiver in the face of the Nazi soldiers who are just following order.

5.  Search for the true heart of the beast, follow the money trails and the personal relationships and kill the beast in it’s den before it destroys us.


If we think to long the choice will be made for us.


For evil to succeed all that is needed is for good people to take no action.

What will you do?  What will be the result from your actions?  What will the repercussions be?




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