What the hell OREGON? “Oregon Democrat Lawmakers Pass Bill to Give Free Abortions to Illegal Immigrants”

Democrats in the Oregon state House have passed a bill that would provide free abortions for all girls and women in the state – including illegal immigrants.

In a press statement following the state House’s approval of the bill, the Democrats condemned President Donald Trump’s pro-life agenda.

“While the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans in D.C. continue their efforts to slash access to women’s health, Democrats in the Oregon House today stood up to preserve and expand comprehensive reproductive health care to all Oregonians,” the lawmakers said, adding:

House Bill 3391, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, ensures that all Oregonians receive the full range of preventative reproductive health services they need at zero out-of-pocket cost – regardless of their income, citizenship status, gender identity, or type of insurance.

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The bill passed, 33-23, with no Republican votes and one Democrat joining Republicans, and now heads to the state Senate.

In celebrating the passage of the bill, Oregon Democrats rebuked Republican-led state legislatures:

Republican-led legislatures in other states have been cutting reproductive care through draconian budget cuts and legislation making it harder for women to access critical services. Republican politicians in Washington D.C. are attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would cause Oregonians to lose no-cost preventative reproductive health care and essential benefits. With HB 3391, Oregon will be moving boldly in the opposite direction, protecting and expanding access.





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