What Would War Between Israel And Syria Do To The Already Fragile Global Economy?

by Michael

War Between Israel And Syria?

War is a horrible thing.  Just ask anyone that has ever been in the middle of it.  And in this day and age governments around the world possess weapons of such incalculable power that war should be unthinkable.  In future wars, we could literally see millions of people killed on a single day.  Nobody should want that or look forward to that.  Unfortunately, the next major regional war in the Middle East appears to be closer than ever.  But nobody should want it to actually happen.  During the next major regional war in the Middle East we will likely see death on a scale that is unprecedented.  It won’t be like the wars of 1967 or 1973.  It will likely be a fight to the death where nothing is held back.  You see, the truth is that most Americans have no idea what is really going on in the Middle East.  There are ancient grudges and ancient hatreds that go back for thousands of years.  There is no “peace plan” that is going to suddenly make everything okay.  The Middle East is a simmering volcano of hate and resentment that could erupt at any moment.  That is why what is happening in Syria right now is so important.  An Israeli airstrike in Damascus that reportedly was attempting to destroy a shipment of Fateh-110 missiles that Iran was sending to Hezbollah has brought Israel and Syria to the brink of war.  In fact, Syria is calling the airstrike a “declaration of war” and is vowing retaliation.  The Syrian government is saying that “Israeli aggression opens the door to all possibilities“, but they have not provided any specifics about what they plan to do.  Meanwhile, Israel has made it very clear that they will do whatever is necessary to keep Fateh-110 missiles from getting into the hands of Hezbollah.  With those missiles, Iranian-backed Hezbollah would have the capability of striking the heart of Tel Aviv with a very high degree of accuracy.  So it is definitely understandable why Israel would not want Hezbollah to have those missiles.  Just think about it – would you want Russia or China to deploy highly advanced missile systems in northern Mexico which could rain down hell on Los Angeles and Dallas in less than five minutes?  Unfortunately, this gives Iran the perfect way to provoke a war between Israel and Syria.  All they have to do is keep rolling trucks loaded with Fateh-110 missiles through war-torn Syria toward Hezbollah bases in Lebanon.  Israel will feel forced to intervene, and the rest of the Islamic world will get angrier and angrier.

The explosions that rocked northern Damascus on Sunday were absolutely massive.  It is being reported that they registered about two or three on the Richter scale, and enormous balls of fire that lit up the sky could be seen from all over Damascus.

The following is how the Washington Post described the attack…

Israeli warplanes bombed the outskirts of Damascus early Sunday for the second time in recent days, according to Syrian state media and reports from activists, signaling a sharp escalation in tensions between the neighboring countries that had already been exacerbated by the conflict raging in Syria.

Videos posted on the Internet by activistsshowed a huge fireball erupting on Mount Qassioun, a landmark hill overlooking the capital on which the Syrian government has deployed much of the firepower it is using against rebel-controlled areas surrounding the city.

So why did Israel do this?

Despite what the anti-Israel crowd is suggesting, Israel did not do this just to be mean.  As Reuters is reporting, Israel was specifically targeting Fateh-110 missiles that were on their way to Hezbollah…

Israel does not confirm such missions explicitly – a policy it says is intended to avoid provoking reprisals. But an Israeli official told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the strikes were carried out by its forces, as was a raid early on Friday that U.S. President Barack Obama said had been justified.

A Western intelligence source told Reuters: “In last night’s attack, as in the previous one, what was attacked were stores of Fateh-110 missiles that were in transit from Iran to Hezbollah.”

These missiles would significantly change the balance of power if they got into the hands of Hezbollah.  According to the Times of Israel, Fateh-110 missiles would be a very serious threat not only to Tel Aviv – these missiles would also threaten cities all the way down to Beersheba…

Uzi Rubin, a missile expert and former Defense Ministry official, told the Associated Press that if the target was a consignment of Fatah-110 missiles, then such weaponry did constitute a “game-changer”: Fired from Syria or south Lebanon, these missiles, he said, could reach almost anywhere in Israel with high accuracy.

Rubin emphasized that he was speaking as a rocket expert and had no details about the reported strikes.

“If fired from southern Lebanon, they can reach Tel Aviv and even [the southern city of] Beersheba,” Rubin said. He said the rockets are much five times more accurate than the Scud missiles that Hezbollah has fired in the past. “It is a game-changer because they are a threat to Israel’s infrastructure and military installations,” he said.

So that is why Israel carried out these airstrikes.  They feel like they simply cannot allow Hezbollah to have these weapons.  And with Hezbollah’s track record, that is very understandable.

Unfortunately, these airstrikes have also brought the Middle East much closer to the next war.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Syria is positioning units for a potential conflict with Israel…

Syria has stationed missile batteries aimed at Israel in the aftermath of alleged Israeli air strikes in the country, the website of Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV, considered close to the regime of President Bashar Assad, quoted a top Syrian official as saying on Sunday.

In response, Israel has deployed two Iron Dome batteries to northern Israel, they have closed off airspace in northern Israel to commercial traffic, and Israeli embassies around the world have been put on high alert.

But Syria may choose not to retaliate against Israel directly.  According toWND, Syria may decide to allow jihadist groups to carry out their vengeance for them…

The Syrian government will soon declare it is opening its borders with Israel for Palestinian and other jihad groups to carry out attacks against the Jewish state, a senior Syrian official told WND.

Separately, informed Middle Eastern security officials said the Syrian army held a meeting Sunday afternoon with the leaders of the military wing of the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group to discuss retaliation against Israel for the recent air strikes near Damascus.

According to those officials, Islamic Jihad and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah are coordinating a possible reaction to Israel’s reported strikes.

In any event, things are definitely becoming more unstable over in the Middle East.

So what would a war between Israel and Syria do to the already fragile global economy?

Well, a war between Israel and Syria would likely paralyze the entire region.  Hezbollah and Hamas would almost certainly jump into the war on the side of Syria, and there is the potential that nations such as Iran, Egypt and even Jordan could get involved as well.

In such a scenario, the flow of oil from the Middle East could become interrupted for an extended period of time, and that would have serious consequences for the global economy.

But the bigger threat to the global economy would be the fear that a regional war in the Middle East would create.  Global financial markets respond very badly to fear, and right now the world economy is already teetering on the brink of disaster.  Much of Europe has already descendedinto a full-blown economic depression, and there are signs that thegreatest debt bubble in the history of the planet is starting to burst.

The next major wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and a major regional war in the Middle East would greatly accelerate our economic problems.

Unfortunately, it appears that such a conflict is inevitable.

I don’t believe that it will happen yet though.  For the moment, I believe that cooler headers will prevail.

But as tensions continue to rise, I believe that we will see tempers boil over and the Middle East will descend into full-blown warfare at some point within the next several years.

Of course I could always be wrong about this.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that we will see a regional war in the Middle East soon?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

The Beginning Of The End by Michael Snyder


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  • James

    Unfortunately, there is never any real proof that Iran is supplying Hezbollah with weapons. There’s never proof of anything Israel or America says. Any attempt at a real investigation is continually stymied by Israel and America and I think by now, we can all understand why.

    • Frank Lee

      Again, we’re suppose to worry about poor Israel, how they can’t allow Fatah-110’s in, or whatever is the latest excuse.

      Meanwhile, Israel stole all the nuclear material from the U.S. in a grand act of TREASON, holds hundreds of Nuclear Missals and threatens the ME and Europe with the Sampson Option.

      And that’s the nicest thing I can say about their curse on mankind.

      Your “ass-kissing” makes me puke. Go have a bagel and some lox’s, your slanted description to rationalize Israel’s murderous and treacherous rampage’s over the last 65 years needs some more work.

  • hvaiallverden

    Dunka, dunka, the sound of a head bainging into a wall.

    Once again, I have to correct the drivel served by f… know whom and f… knows why, but the drivel is glearingly obvious for anyone that belives the political idiotisy servad by the boring Hasbaratnjiks/”freinds of Israel”, and above all, numbing peoples abillity to think straith and to clearify the international and factual situation, by filling the woid with pure and morronic drivel and lies, all by the curtesy of the scum of the earth, the “jews”.


    Hezballah is a legitim political entety
    (like Hamaz, only the neocons/israleis consider them to be a terrororg, otherwise its considered compeletely legitim, do you understand this, do you),

    and is a part of the Lebanes political landscape, and have been it for decades, and the sheer bullshitt about them is mothing more than Lies and lousy forged history, like the fact that they(the lunatic binn, Israel) lost their last escapade into Lebanon, to Hezballah.
    And that 2006 capagn, Israel retaliated on the sivilians in Lebanon, with even phospore and clusterbombs, both iligale acording to int. agreements, about WMD.
    There is NOTHING Hezbollah have done or is doing to justify attacs into Lebanon, since Lebanon/Hezbollah havent done jack shitt against the insane Israelis, the scum of this earth, and they have lied and forging everything.

    Even if Hezbollah, got wepons from the Iran, so what the f…. have we or others anything to do with that fact, or from Russia for that matter to Syria, when did the deffence of once terrotiry form outside attacs becomed Terrorism.
    Tell me, f….. hasbaratnjiks, when.
    And whom is he terrorist, when even in the UssA “jews” does more terror, than muslims combined in both Europa(even less persentage that the UssA), and still the scum of the earth whines about Terrorists, and point on people defending their Land is portrayed as Terroristas, the reality and idiotic consensusses and forged historical dogmas, is so twisted that its unimaginable to behold.

    Listen boy, we dont belive you at all, I am feed up with lies and twisting of realitys and this war and hate propaganda is so obvious, boy, that its on borderline with hilarious to read, do you think we are idiots, we are not.

    tsk, tsk


  • Gene Gallagher

    Save it the load of BS Michael. We can read the woe-is-me Israel shtick on any pre-approved outlet in the country.

  • Helpfulhippy

    So did the Israelis vaporise these missiles? You can’t trust anything the Israelis say without evidence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Brodeur/1819964077 Ken Brodeur

    Follow the money honey, The Fed and the International Banksters (mostly from Europe) print money out of nothing, give it to war mongers and religious zealots on both sides of the equation, create a War State in the middle east based on ancient mythology, (Isreal) and use it to create mischief (War). No one involved in war wins, just survives, the only winners are the financiers. Huge profits are made once the living owners are out of the way, they just walk in and take the plunder. End the Age of Usury and humanity can get on with making life a beautiful experience. War is promoted by very rich psychopaths and mass murdering pedophiles who should be jailed, tried and hung. Overwhelmingly, the mass of humanity does not want war, just the opportunity to participate in life and earn a decent living.

  • Clyde

    Once again the Jews are the cause and root of all wars and misery in the world. Israel continues to engage in terrorist operations, false flags, misery and war. Meanwhile the creators and financiers of Israel continue to commit Usury to destroy the world’s financial structure. Madness. Complete madness. And the tool that “writes” this “story” is complicit in the world-wide deceit that is Zionism.

  • tribeseeker

    What was the point of InvestmentWatch posting this propaganda?

  • Ezra Pound

    “In future wars, we could literally see millions of people killed on a single day. Nobody should want that or look forward to that.” Really? I guess the author of this puff piece has never met an Israeli and is totally unfamiliar with the genocidal religion of Judaism, which revels in the idea of killing non-Jews. The whole goal of Zionism is to ehtnically cleanse (kill or drive away) all the Arabs between the Nile and Euphrates rovers (the two ble stirpes on the Zionist flag.) Judaism is intrinsically genocidal and anti-human. All major Jewish holidays are celebrations of the slaughter of non-Jews. Israel is and always has been the #1 threat to the world. Eliminate Israel and you will eliminate 95% of the problems in the ME. If the American people ever understand what the “Israel” parasite has done to their nation, “Israel” will be summarily wiped off the face of the earth. The sooner, the better.

  • Ezra Pound

    Americans really should be thinking of how we can rid the world of “Israel.” Every sane, peace-loving individual of good will – Jew and gentile alike – would thanks us if we liquidated “Israel” as a geo-political entity. Know more peace: NO MORE ISRAEL.

  • boulderdash

    How many times have we heard that Israel has a right to defend itself?
    When does any other country have this same right to defend itself?

  • charleswilliams88

    This piece is a shameful justification of an egregious act of war by Israel against Syria. There is no justification. And the writer is either really ignorant about the Middle East, or is simply an Israeli apologist, as is more likely. By his logic, Israel is justified in attacking its neighbors because “heaven forbid” they might use their weapons against that teensy weensy nuclear armed, racist, criminal, apartheid regime. By the same logic, because Israel has untold military might ready to use in destroying its Arab neighbors, those countries are fully justified in bombing anything they please in Israel. Well if Israel’s warlike penchant for destruction continues, its neigbors very well may have not only that right, but that imperative. He is also clueless about Hezbollah, implying their actions in the past were unjustified. Hezbollah was created as a resistance movement after israel invaded and occupied southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. Hezbollah has a right to defend their Lebanese homeland, you Israeli dimwit! If Israel doesn’t like the fact that Iran and Syria ship weapons to Hezbollah, maybe they should give occupied Palestine back to the Palestinians, the Golan back to Syria, and stop fomenting their constant wars. It appears, the world will only know peace when Israel is militarily crushed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Militaryfrauds Military Frauds

    Here’s a novel idea, withdraw all support for Israel and let them duke it out with all these existential threats on their own, if they succeed no worries, if they fail, again no worries. Time to stop feeding our blood and money into the mill that is Israel and her demands, they have been the worst thing to happen to the region since men cam e down from the trees.

  • jimmyj

    If the the banksters let loose their ziocommie Israel operation in Syria, it is probably because the statisticians already know the outcome, and it is calculated safe to do so.
    1999 PNAC specifically listed in order Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran to be overthrown in order to establish their “new american century” read New Ziocommie World Order.

    They have done their math, and the planet is screwed once again.
    Take away the bankster FED monopoly, and the world will see peace.

  • Book

    Investment Watch Blog just lost another reader.

    This article is the most dishonest piece of obvious zio-propaganda ever read here.

  • Me

    Whoa, turns out InvestmentWatch is disinfo. Tsk, tsk.

  • Vox

    I don’t know what it would do to the global economy but I do know this much: If Israel was turned in to glass, I’d be the first to run in to the streets to dance, hop around and blow my toot-a-toot, blow my car horn, get drunk, light fireworks and generally all around celebrate the Death of the Great Satan!