‘What’s done in Vegas needs to be shared with EVERYBODY’: Video exposes extravagance of notorious $820,000 GSA conference

  • Total cost of catered food and beverages was $146,527
  • Travel expenses for conference planning totalled $100,405.37
  • Participants received souvenir books costing more than $8,000
  • GSA officials hosted several semi-private parties in their hotel rooms or suites, which were funded by the taxpayer


Embarrassing footage of the General Services Administration’s now infamous $820,000 Las Vegas conference has emerged, showing employees destroying office property, downing margaritas, putting on magic shows, and frolicking with a clown.

The conference made headlines this week when the Office of Inspector General published their year-long investigative report into the Public Buildings Service’s ‘excessive and wasteful’ 2010 training session, forcing a senior government official to resign.

The footage, obtained by the Huffington Post, follows the release of a spoof video of a GSA employee named Hank Terlaje singing about the lavish party and making a joke about their high-spending office culture.

The true extravagance of the five-day team-building trip can be seen in the series of videos showing employees boasting about their designer tuxedos, before urging people to ‘dispense with the notion that what’s done in Vegas stays in Vegas.’

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In one video, conference attendees strike poses on a red carpet alongside acting GSA administrator Jeff Neely, who says: ‘What’s done in Vegas needs to be shared with everybody.’

In another clip, a smoking ‘angry clown’, who is either a GSA employee or a professional, tells guests: ‘Meetings are good to have in between breaks.’

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