What’s Happening with the Swamp Drain? – The Corruption Carries On!

by Mark Angelides

One of President Trump’s major campaign promises was to Drain the Swamp. It appealed to voters, long worn and tired of the almost constant corruption and misuse of government powers and public money. And the president really did start off well. His Executive Orders on lobbying were seen as a sweeping move that should have been done a long time ago. But as more cases of corruption are being allowed to slip by, it begs two questions: Is the President serious about this? And is it even possible to do?

The latest disappointment is the former IRS’s Exempt Organizations Unit head, Lois Lerner. She was responsible (in her role) for designating which groups were eligible to become tax-exempt, and unfortunately, she used partisan politics to decide which were worthy enough. Under her watch, it seemed only Liberal organizations qualified. It was a serious abuse of power and position. The Justice Department has decided that it will not look into the 2015 case.

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It was such a clear cut abuse of her position that it should have been not only an easy win, but a high-profile bust. Yet she got away with it due to “a lack of intent.” This is plain ridiculous. She was clearly guilty of abusing her position for political ends and should have been punished. How can the citizenry have faith in the institutions that govern when we see crimes go unpunished?

And then we have Hillary Clinton. Again, the powers in government have refused to prosecute her for crimes because they claim a lack of intent. There was intent; it’s obvious to all but the blind, the ignorant and the corrupt!

I want the Make America Great Again agenda to succeed, but it can only do so if the institutions and the justice of the U.S. are solid and trusted. A person of position getting away with major crimes destroys this trust, and if we’re not careful will destroy the MAGA platform.

We can all understand that a president has to pick their battles wisely, yet the Lois Lerner case was such a home run, that to not go forward with it smacks of cronyism and complicit agendas. If President Donald Trump could achieve nothing else during his time in the White House, to clean out the deadwood and corruption should be the main goal. All else can be forgiven, but please, Mr. President, take this very seriously…Drain that Swamp!


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