“when George Zimmerman stands to hear his fate, you can bet your Disney vacation the whole affair will end badly.” (CNN)

Not because Zimmerman, on trial in the shooting death of Martin, will be found guilty or not guilty, but because millions of Americans have already made up their minds about what should happen. Large swaths of people are going to be disappointed no matter how the verdict falls. Probably more like outraged.

This is odd, because FBI statistics show there are about 13,000 murders annually; people shot, stabbed, beaten, run down with cars and thrown off of balconies; 13,000 times that we could get interested, get involved and pass public judgment.

From his syndicated radio show in Dallas, conservative host Ben Ferguson has a different take.

“This has had everything to do with manipulation and race war from day one,” he says, citing what he has heard from listeners. “This is a life-changing, life-altering court case, and I’m not so sure people really care about if justice is served truly. It’s more: Did my side win or not?”