Where do the wealthiest citizens of New York live? Map that shows vast income difference between neighborhoods just yards apart

Surveying the breathtaking skyline of New York City, it is sometimes impossible to see with the naked eye the huge difference in income beneath the surface.

But artist and web researcher Nikolay Lamm decided to change all that with his new set of visualizations created for the site MyDeals.com, in which he superimposed graphs representing median household net worth onto aerial views of Manhattan, to startling effect.

For example, a neighborhood where the net worth is $500,000 would be represented by a 3D bar graph 5cm high, compared to an area where the net worth is only $50,000, where a bar would be 0.5cm high.

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Not surprisingly, Lamm’s artistic renderings show that the city’s most prosperous residents with a median of over $288,000 live on the Upper East Side overlooking Central Park and the Financial District, with a few other enclaves of wealth dotting Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side.

However, the height of the bar graphs drops dramatically above West 100th Street, where the net median income hovers around $10,000.

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