Who funds BMG Research? Fake polling…

Just saw this propaganda article in the Mail saying Brits now want to stay in the EU.



  • Polling carried out by BMG Research shows Britons are turning against Brexit

  • Fifty-one per cent want to remain in EU, while just 41 per cent want to leave

  • When those who ‘don’t know’ made to answer,11 point lead for Remain opened up

Brexit has been dealt a fresh blow after the majority of Britons want now to remain in the European Union, according to a new poll.

Data collected this month found there has been a swing of people who now want to remain in the EU to its highest margin since the referendum, with 51 per cent now wanting to remain inside the EU while just 41 want Brexit.

And the data collected also found that once ‘don’t knows’ were encouraged to pick leave or remain, or excluded, remaining in the EU gained an 11 point lead over leaving – making it the biggest gap since the June 2016 vote.



I googled the organization doing the poll to see who funds them, but there was nothing.. Only get pages of links by them about themselves.


Kept searching. All replies lead back to the firm’s own sites.

Checked outnBloomberg, they always have details of directors etc. Got this:

So still no wiser.