Who is the worlds most powerful man? (Arguably) Henri de Castries. Heard of him?

Bilderberg Group’s Steering Committee Chairman.
Chairman and CEO, AXA Group.
Henri de La Croix de Castries, 5th Comte de Castries (born 15 August 1954) is a French businessman and a member of the House of Castries.
The house of la Croix de Castries (French pronunciation: [la kʁwa də kastʁ]) is a French noble family from Languedoc.
Their heraldic shield is “azure, on a cross, or”.[citation needed] Family tradition holds that one of the family’s members was saint Roch, the pilgrim apostle who dedicated his life to the service of the sick and plague-victims in the 13th century. The La Croix de Castries family, however, was not ennobled until the end of the 15th century, as Nobles of the Sword. It was admitted to the honours of court in 1744, 1753, 1776, and 1786.

People like this have been able to keep a relatively low profile, but pull all the worlds strings. This guy wields power that Presidents and Prime Ministers only dream of.


House of Castries

Notable members of the family

The house of Castries has included a marshal of France, a navy minister, several lieutenant generals and major generals, knights knighted by the king, and masters of the royal bedchamber.

By year of birth, notable members are:

Armand Pierre de La Croix de Castries (c. 1659-1747), archbishop of Albi then of Tours.
Jean-François de la Croix, first marquis de Castries (1663–1728), King’s lieutenant général in Languedoc.
Charles Eugène Gabriel de La Croix, marquis de Castries (1727–1801), marshal of France and naval minister.
Louis Augustin de La Croix de Castries (1728–1737), knight of Malta.
Armand Charles Augustin de la Croix, duc de Castries and pair de France (1756–1842).
Eugène de la Croix, baron then comte de Castries (1790–1825).
Elisabeth de Mac-Mahon, born Elisabeth de La Croix de Castries (1834–1900), wife of Patrice de Mac-Mahon, the first president of the French Third Republic.
Christian de Castries (1902–1990), general, who commanded the reduced camp at Diên Biên Phu.
René de La Croix de Castries, marquis, called duc de Castries, (1908–1986), historian and member of the Académie française.
Henri de La Croix de Castries (born 1954), president of the board of directors of AXA.

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Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world

t is above all a club for life’s winners. George Osborne, Ed Balls and Ken Clarke, the Cabinet Minister who also serves on the group’s steering committee, will arrive this afternoon, as will Mr Mandelson. They will be joined by Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission; Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF; Francois Fillon, the former French Prime Minister; Robert Rubin and Timothy Geithner, the former secretaries to the US Treasury; and serving prime ministers, foreign ministers and finance ministers from across north west Europe.

The chairmen and chief executives of some of the world’s biggest businesses will attend, with a combined wealth running into hundreds of millions of pounds – from Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Amazon, Google, Shell, HSBC, Lazard, Prudential and Alcoa. Henri de Castries, the chairman of the Bilderberg, is the head of AXA, the insurance giant. Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, is also on the guest list. Goldman Sachs and BP have in recent years been donors to the British committee organising this week’s gathering.

Then there are the defence officials: Olivier de Bavinchove, the commander of Eurocorps, the EU’s standing army; Sherard Cowper-Cowles, the former British diplomat who now works for BAE Systems; Robert Kaplan, the chief analyst at intelligence firm Stratfor; Henry Kissinger, the former US secretary of state; and David Petraeus, the former US commander in Afghanistan who briefly ran the CIA. Those are the publicly issued names. A source involved in this year’s planning admits sometimes others may turn up, “just for the day”.




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