Who Owns Your Congressman?

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  • charlestonvoice

    The Democrats won on principle, integrity, and honesty.

  • geo1671

    what is missing from all of this hanky panky stuff–where and whom did the money go to. Ever wondered why the media cow toes to the government wants? Paid political commercials. If a JewsNews network bad mouths a policy or act of war—funds dry up
    Only time media cries fowl is when Israel does not get it’s way–like Obama now is getting the shaft as did Jimmy Carter with needed help in Palestine. How about JFK–another kill.

  • BellsNwhistles

    All the money goes in a big circle, like taking it out of one pocket and putting it in another. The Zionistrepubs can print what they need for wars or congress.

  • Samuel Adams

    this is all very cute with the graphs and charts, but i think it intentionally understates the numbers…so, we all go back to sleep and forget about it….Duck Dynasty is on!!!

  • Kevin Waisfeld

    Great infographic, but one a few problems. First, those are individual businesses, organizations, and individuals donating money to the candidates. Those people can do whatever the hell they please with their money, and as ‘unfair’ as it may seem, I’m sure most of them would rather “waste” their money on political candidates than pay for the heating bill for everyone in D.C.

    Second, where you talk about the money being wasted and using “substantive” bills as your measurement for the effectiveness of Congress, you’re really ignoring the reality of what’s going on. Bills today are MUCH longer than ever before — they contain more measures, often unrelated, in the same bill, then ever before, lowering the amount of substantive bills. The 1999-2007 period you mention was also a period where foreign and domestic spending saw a large increase, so obviously there are going to be quite a few laws to spend that money. Yet the current Congress was specifically voted in to stop wasting money. You stop wasting money by not introducing completely necessary legislation that will cost money. If you take a look, at lets say, the 110th Congress (Jan 07-Jan 09), you see Many large stimulus bills, major utility bills, and so on. By not wasting federal money on such things, the 113th Congress is actually doing exactly what they were voted in to do.