Who says politics isn’t sexy? ‘Capitol Hill Kim Kardashian’ tops list of the 50 most beautiful people in Washington (and Michele Bachmann is number 10)

  • Washington publication The Hill releases 50 Most Beautiful People list each year, listing their professions, age, and relationship status
  • This year’s top ten include a Kim Kardashian look-alike and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann

TV pundits and political analysts love making lists, ranking those in Capitol Hill on their skills, achievements, and, of course, shortcomings.

But one annual list takes a look at Washington’s workers in a more superficial way.

Enter The Hill’s annual ranking of the most winsome, attractive, and handsome – the Top 50 Most Beautiful People list, which is topped off by a former TGI Friday’s Worker-turned model-turned House Administration Committee staffer and a special assistant to a Republican representative.



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  1. Max Engling, 25: Staff Assistant for House Administration Committee (Republican)
  2. Carolyn Amirpashaie, 27: Special Assistant to Rep. Randy Forbes (Republican)
  3. Kristen Callaway, 24: Legislative Assistant to Rep. Steve Southerland (Republican)
  4. Julian Malasi, 28: Policy Issues Manager for American Chemistry Council (Democrat)
  5. Warren Wright, 34: Military Fellow in Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office (Independent)
  6. Marian White, 25: Staff Assistant for House Judiciary Committee’s Republicans (Republican)
  7. Alyssa Dack, 24: Outreach Coordinator for Rep. Mike McIntyre (Democrat)
  8. Samantha Dezur, 25: VP of Communications for Education Finance Council (Libertarian)
  9. Leslie Rath, 22: Scheduler for Rep. Paul Gosar (Republican)
  10. Rep. Michele Bachmann, 56: Current representative of Minnesota, former presidential candidate (Republican)

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