WHOA! First They Bought 1.6 Billion rounds of Ammo, NOW Homeland Security is buying bulk RIOT CONTROL Gear! They know what’s coming!

One of the biggest stories for years in the alternative media was the mysterious and foreboding purchase by Homeland Security of more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

Thanks to coverage on prominent sites like DrudgeReport, the story reached into mainstream media, prompting official spin and downplaying of the purchase.

Now, a new Homeland Security purchase order listed on FedBizOpps also raises an eyebrow or two, given the heated and divided political and social climate at hand.

A request for “less lethal specialty munitions” for use by Homeland Security dated March 23, 2015 reads:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intends to solicit responses to Request for Information (RFI) 20082225-JTC for Less Lethal Specialty Munitions (LLSM) for use by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). CBP is interested in incorporating commercial and industry practices that support this type of procurement. To accomplish this, CBP intends to make industry a partner in all facets of the acquisition process, specifically by considering existing market capabilities, strengths and weaknesses for the acquisition of this commodity.

Over the course of 9 pages (PDF), the technical requirements call for an arsenal of specialized weaponry for training and deployment against crowds.

On top of a wide range of gas and chemical grenades, rubber bullets and other riot rounds, the purchase calls for “controlled noise and light distraction devices,” including flash bangs which set off a 175 dB sound with 6 – 8 million candelas light bursts in 10 milliseconds.

So why are the Feds prepping to take on crowds?

Officially, the request is put through Customs and Border Patrol, a subset of the Department of Homeland Security, but it is unlikely that the equipment will be used to protect the border and keep out illegal aliens. But the riot gear and crowd control devices have many potential uses.

Perhaps, the equipment for use in instances like last year, when protesters in Murrieta confronted Customs and Border Patrol agents and blocked buses carrying a wave of illegal immigrants from Central America?

The requested equipment includes:

Hand Delivered Pyrotechnic Canisters, including

Smoke Canister for Training (Reduced Toxicity)
Continuous Discharge Large Smoke Canister (Operations)
Continuous Discharge CS Canister
Orange Colored Smoke Canister
Green Colored Smoke Canister
Pocket Tactical Smoke Canister
Pocket Tactical CS Canister
Three Part Sub-Munitions CS Canister
Non-Burning Internal Canister OC Grenade

Non-Pyrotechnic Indoor/Outdoor Use

Flameless Expulsion Grenade (OC)
Flameless Expulsion Grenade (CS)
Flameless Expulsion Grenade (Inert)

Hand Delivered Rubber Ball Grenades

Rubber Ball Grenade
Rubber Ball Grenade (CS)

40mm Launched Specialty Impact Munitions

40mm Direct Impact Sponge Cartridge
40mm Direct Impact Sponge Cartridge (OC)
40mm Direct Impact Sponge Cartridge (Marking)
40mm Direct Impact Sponge Cartridge (Inert)
40mm Sponge Training Rounds

Crowd Management Projectile Cartridges

40mm Smokeless Powder Blast (OC)
40mm Smokeless Powder Blast (CS)
40mm Long Range Canister (CS)
40mm Long Range Canister (Smoke)
40mm Cartridge Four Part Sub-Munitions (CS)
40mm Cartridge Four Part Sub-Munitions (Smoke)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions (100 Meters)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions (200 Meters)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions (300 Meters)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions OC (100 Meters)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions OC (200 Meters)
40mm Aerial Warning Munitions OC (300 Meters)

Controlled Noise And Light Distraction Devices

Distraction Device Compact
Distraction Device
Distraction Device Reloadable Steel Body
Distraction Device Reload
Command Initiated Distraction Device Reload
Distraction Device Training Fuse
Distraction Device Training Body
Multiple Detonation Distraction Device
Low Profile Distraction Device
Command Initiator

Ferret Rounds

40mm Ferret Round (OC Powder)
40mm Ferret Round (OC Liquid)
40mm Ferret Round (CS Powder)
40mm Ferret Round (CS Liquid)
40mm Ferret Round (Inert Powder)

The ferret rounds are designed to penetrate barriers and deliver debilitating or disrupting chemicals:

“The projectile shall be designed to penetrate barriers of glass, particle board, and interior walls. Upon impact of the barrier, the nose cone will rupture and instantaneously deliver the OC liquid on the other side of the barrier. “

The collection of equipment provides a diverse range of toys with which authorities could push back crowds and potentially intimidate free speech as well.

Are there more riots coming? Is widespread civil unrest only a matter of time? Is it related to martial law exercises like Jade Helm 15?

What do the Feds know that we don’t?

They are getting ready… are you?





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  • GeneZ

    That ammo to be used when they attempt to eliminate our second amendment rights after the rigged election pushes Hillary through. If she gets elected that’s what’s going to be attempted with the new supreme court judges. Many patriots might riot as a result. Then the goon squads will be brought in… Its why the liberals wanted so much to ban semi automatics like the AR -15. This coup of the Constitution has been planned for some time. Now, if Hillary does not become so ill she can not run? They will try to rig the election results, just like the polls are now being rigged. After all…. that’s the foundational reason for having our Second Amendment right. The founding fathers were not concerned about anyone owning a squirrel gun. People hunted for food in those days and having a rifle was seen as an essential necessity for survival. They wanted us to bear weapons to form militias with. Military type weapons. Like the trained citizens in Switzerland have in their homes. One does not have to wonder why Hitler avoided Switzerland. It works if the people like being free.