WHO’S telling TRUTH – OBAMA or PUTIN – WILL there be WW3

In a recent interview with Putin and another with Obama we can easily see the truth of this situation. Everyone in America should watch these interviews and listen carefully to what is said. The U S is PUSHINING for war and Putin is patiently holding back this threat and propoganda like attack with grace. Let all American’s understand the real truth about our Governement and their desire for a new world order (the ELITE CONTROL OF ALL). The Russian government is the only real force standing for values and historical traditions. They are not backed by the Elite Zionists. Putin threw them out some years ago, and they are angry about that. They intend to push against Russia till something snaps. We have to be aware of the reality of who is running our government and the financial empire of Earth. These Elite will soon be going down. The VEIL of Earth is about to come down.


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  • sleat

    No, there won’t be WWIII. Will Investmentwatchblog post another breathless (yet inaccurate and probably mis-spelled) headline in the next 24 hours?

    • Rogoraeck

      Well, I do HOPE that you’re RIGHT….. But we have scumbags psychopath in charge, who would like to do a “humanitarian intervention Mark II” a la Bombing Moscow just like they did in Belgrade, Tripoli, Baghdad, Kabul, Hanoi, ect..ect..

      • sleat

        I hope I’m right, too, but I’m pretty confident that no country sees a percentage advantage in bombing Moscow. The scumbags and psychopaths who want to reduce the population seem a bit afraid of thermonuclear war, and for good reason. The world they’d inherit after popping off all those nukes wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

        And one key difference between all those other places you mention, is that Russia is quite powerful, and can put quite a hurt on anybody who decides to bomb Moscow, unlike those other places.

        As far as a false-flag terrorist attack by the US or Israel against Russia goes, 911 didn’t result in a “WWIII” scenario, so an equivalent sort of 911 against Russia probably wouldn’t either.

        Putin might be a lot of things Washington doesn’t (currently) like, but one thing he is very good at is strategy. They’ve been actively trying to demonize Russia for months, but it’s not working as well as they’d like.

  • James

    Don`t say ‘zionist.Say Jew.When you make that patently false distinction you are doing their work for them.

  • Incriminally Sane

    Both Obama and Putin are merely playing their parts in a global action to create a global government and at some point, unless we rid this nation of the criminal in charge, there will be a third world war at some point. If you want to avert this third world war, there must be an arrest of the pretender in the white house.