Why Does The Stock Market Continue To Rally As Wages Shrink?


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  • Mick McNulty

    It’s all that phony money they’ve been printing and digitally creating. The inflation it creates can only be absorbed for so long in the rising price of stocks, gold, art, high-end commodities like mansions, yachts and supercars, and as always, executive pay and bonuses. They could hide a bit more inflation by raising executive pay to a million a week each but even the most grovelling apologist won’t stand for that, so in the end there will be price deflation on luxury goods and MASSIVE inflation on essentials.

  • Odious Law

    The economies of the West are more controlled than the Soviet Union could have ever dreamed. In fact, the Soviet Union was a brain-child of the International Bankers/Ruling Elite.
    As long as usury continues and banks loan money to governments, the people of the world are mere chattel to the Oligarchs that rule the world. Technology has not freed mankind but allowed the powers-that-be to control everything. You are programmed to consume what the criminal elite want you to consume. Try living off the grid on some land in the middle of know where and see what happens.
    The solution is simple but people have long been programmed to buy into the system of usury long established. If governments, like Lincoln did, print their own money, interest free and spend it into the economies on services and infrastructure, amazing things and prosperity would occur for the common man. Only problem is the elite, money grubbing control freaks would lose control and they just could not stand for that to happen!
    So, expect more wars, lies, created crisis and fear mongering.

  • M Fr Nch

    Easy to figure out, lower wages and increased production equal higher profits which in turn lead to higher dividends and higher stock price.

  • Red Mann

    Because it, the stock market, is fixed?
    By a couple of players with tons of fiat dollars, with no interest?