by VR

-James Comey has said numerous times that the FBI NEVER REVIEWED the DNC servers.

-Comey & the FBI came to their conclusions based on skewed/flawed/incorrect reports from CrowdStrike, the private company that reviewed the DNC servers.

-Crowdstrike said that fancy bear or russian hackers used the same techinuques on the DNC that was used on Ukrainian artillery.

-Crowdstrike walked back that claim after many counter-terror & hacking experts said those claims were impossible & the ukrainian military denied the laughable report.

-Although Crowdstrike quietly walked back the claims, the MSM continued with that narrative.

-Other ‘proof’ is that the computers used allegedly to ‘hack’ the DNC had cryllic keyboards and had russian timezones in the coding.

-If skilled Russian government agents/hackers were to hack the DNC would they actually use methods that would tie everything back to them like revealing russian timezones & the cryllic keyboard?

-The leaks. What is so interesting is how MSM laughs off the Seth Rich story, as if its all some crazy lunatic fringe conspiracy, as if the only way a leak would happen within the DNC was if Russia hacked them in some global conspiracy. But then everyday we see leaks on Trump from within the white house and they defend those everyday. Theyve never alleged they came from Russian hacking do they?

-Trump has every legal right as president to fire James Comey. It doesnt matter what explaination he gives. There is no statue in the books that says a president cant fire an FBi director, especially one that let an outside agency conduct a federal investigation.(crowdstrike)

-The is no law in the books that says a presidential candidate is in violation of the law by working with a foreign government to release emails on another candidtate. Even if what they say about Trump/Putin is 100% true, its still not a crime in any current statute.

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-The president has every legal authority to tell an FBi director to drop a case or prosecute.

-in order for trump to be guilty of obstruction he will have to be caught trying to destroy evidence, remember Trump also said Comey told him 3 times that he wasnt under investigation, which Comey acknowledged on Capital Hill. This makes an obstruction charge at this point non existent.

-Its also interesting how Comey can say Loretta Lynch INSTRUCTED HIM to say “matter” instead of “investigation” in relation to Hillary email. By these insane MSM leftist claims isnt Lynch guilty of obstruction?? Its a non story, because it isnt about “justice”, its all about politics.

-The tax returns. Trump hasnt released them which no other president has done, or failed to do so i understand the argument. However, he already released some from previous years (Rachel Maddow show) and guess what Rachel revealed?? Trump paid taxes & wasnt getting money from Russia. Lol he should release them, but the argument that he hasnt is because Russia money is in there is laughable. Maybe some new york mob money & some money from israel & the asians but thats about it.

-Flynn. Flynn fucked himself and like manafort wont deny a check,no matter where it comes from, but the idea that him Manafort & Trump worked with the Russians to time emails that Podesta & DNC mishandled is just bizzare to me.

-Overall MSM tries to make people believe that Trump supporters have lost faith in him, but at the end of the day can you imagine Hillary as president?

-Hillary still blames misogny as why she lost but majority of white women (who voted for Obama btw) voted against her.

-How can anyone forget how Hillary abandoned her supporters election night as they were devastated and she didnt show her face until the next afternoon? Who wants that as president?

-It doesnt matter what MSM, liberal brain dead people in the street say, the only alternative to Trump was Hillary and we damn sure didnt want that, so there is no looking back.

-I’m done now.


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