Why Obama is the Worst President Ever in History – Obama Lying Compilation

5 Massive Failures That Make Obama the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!

Soon Barack Obama’s presidency will be over, leaving pundits to question “exactly how bad was he?”

We believe very bad. In fact, the worst.

Here are 5 massive failures that win Obama “Worst President Ever” in our book.

Obama failed with the Economy

Obama failed with Obamacare

Obama failed Blacks

Obama failed non-Muslims by pandering to Islam and letting ISIS rapidly expand under his watch

Obama failed his own Democratic party

Obama’s Legacy?

We know we only scratched the surface.


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  • Occams

    Kinda hard to NOT let ISIS ‘rapidly expand’ when you’re funding and arming them, and sending US soldiers to train them.

    That used to be called “treason” – but I guess the U.S. military no longer has a code – nor any dignity, either.


    • JosephConrad


      • DougH2

        President Obama is now ranked 12th out of 45 U.S. Presidents by a college of historians. As soon as more people understand the illegalities of Reagan’s dealings (mostly Iran-Contra with it’s treasonous sales for hostage ransom) and the tripling of the national debt, President Obama will eclipse him at 9th.

  • tropicgirl

    You forgot the latest lies, yesterday, about his ‘family’…

    “grace, style and good humor”????????

    “smart and beautiful”???????

    He never stops lying…

    • DougH2

      Trumplethinskin just lied a few just minutes ago. Wait, no, seconds ago.

  • yaridanjo

    George W Bush still holds the title of “WORST AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER”!

    • UnderTheBedMonster

      Yes him and bozo will get a joint medal for being the worst ever……

      • DougH2

        Trumplethinskin and Bush will double bill as worse.

    • TheCHIEF

      you’re a clueless dumbass

    • Jimmy Quick

      There are far worse… Obama, Lincoln, Carter, and the list goes on for a long time before you get to either Bush.

      Learn your history so you don’t look so stupid when you post.

      • yaridanjo

        Dubya is the all time record holder when it comes to bad presidents. And I voted for him the first time because I could not imagine that someone could be worse than Slick Willy.

  • doodaa

    Because of Obama, there will never be another black President.

    • chris

      lil barry wasn’t ‘ black” thats yet another lie

    • DougH2

      Because of Trump there will be plenty more black Presidents.

  • chris

    all mention odf that fraud needs to be erased from history! as the ancient egyptians did to those they despised. lol

  • Jimmy Quick

    Prosecute this criminal now!

    • DougH2

      Be patient. Trump will be impeached. Just give it time.

      • Jimmy Quick

        You’re a fool.

        • DougH2

          That’s a compliment coming from you.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Yah. I guess for you it’s sort of like bending over and looking up your ass, then saying… “wonder what’s in there”?

          • DougH2

            Don’t get too depressed. (I wrote your comments off as a sign of depression) But the drum beat of impeachment are getting louder and louder. Republicans are fine with an independent prosecutor. Things will be OK though. Don’t forget to take your meds. That’s important.

          • Jimmy Quick

            You are a joke. Obama is going to prison and you talk impeachment.

            You are so crazy.

          • DougH2

            Trumpsterfire is in rare form. He’s blaming everyone but his assistant. Kellyanne Conwoman couldn’t get booked on Sesame Street. And now people are speculating about his sanity AGAIN.

            He’s done. 75% of Americans want a special prosecutor. As soon as enough Conservatives get the Trump stains off of them individually, they will appoint one.

            And then he’s gone. If anyone ever investigates him, they will have their pick as to which offense or offenses they want to go after.

          • Jimmy Quick

            We all want a special prosecutor. This is Haman’s gallows all over again. I know you have not got a clue what I’m talking about, so I’ll give you a little background.

            The Bible was written by God for any person who choses to be obedient. Of course you being a demoncrat, I wouldn’t expect you to have any knowledge of it’s contents whatsoever.

            That being the case, I’ll direct you to the place where you can see history repeating.

            In the book of Esther there was a man of exceeding evil. His name was Haman. For arguments sake we will replace that name with Barry (the f boy) Obama. Now, f boy also had an equally evil wife (the mooch). Barry and Mooch hated anyone who represented good and they lied constantly to destroy decency and bring about murder and destruction.

            The King was young and only interested is seeking pleasure, just like the majority of people today, who take half truths and outright lies as fact, so long as it is presented in a sanity media form like CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post or some other liberal rag. What is the sense in learning the truth when a convenient lie will do the job, right?

            Well, Obama came to the King and said, I don’t like Donald Trump or the Republicans and I think it would be best if we kill them all. The King being such a fool agreed and made an order that all Republicans were to be murdered on, oh let’s just say November 8, 2016.

            So everything was cool. Republicans were gonna die and demons would run everything after the 8th, but OH NO, the King had fallen deeply in love with a Republican and she was also going to be murdered on the 8th by Obama.

            When the King found out that he had been tricked, he quickly wrote another order saying that the cowardly Obama and his minions could not carry any weapons when they went to kill the Republicans, but the Republicans could use howitzers, machine guns and mace to repel the evil Obamites.

            The on the 9th, the King Promoted Donald Trump to be the top person in the Kingdom and he also ordered the Obama be hung on the very allows that he and the Mooch had built to hang Trump.

            Isn’t that a great story?

            Now, to fools like you who ignore history, this is your personal lesson. Build your gallows high. I want the world to see you hang.

          • DougH2

            Now if that isn’t a misuse of scripture, and history, I don’t know what is.

            You somehow think that Obama (and his wife) are bent on the destruction of Conservatives. And you think Obama forced Trumplethinskin to make a fool of himself by repeatedly lying so that he will Trump disgraced.

            And that Obama will actually be disgraced by his own misdeeds. That’s funny.

            In Ester, Haman was a narcisist, sort of like Trump. He wanted Mordecai to bow down to him, sort of like Trump. Mordecai refused sort of like Obama. Haman wanted to kill the all of the Jews. He was evil.

            I think you have the story backwards. Trump is the one who tried to hang Obama this weekend with his bold-faced lies. He is the one who will ultimately suffer.

            That’s the way good and evil works. God never rewards the evil one in the Bible.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Not just conservatives. They want you dead as well. You didn’t get it did you? The only ones who protected the king (today’s average nitwit) from their own slaughter are the people who stand for decency and Truth.

            So, to you I say, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN”. Look it up.

            Trump has not lied. Not even once. The fact that you don’t know this proves you are a fool.

            Sorry, but I don’t suffer fools well and I am done responding to your brand of low level lunacy. Good day.

          • DougH2

            I don’t suffer fools well either. You are obviously a fool if you believe EVERYTHING Trump has said.

            His crowds were the largest in history
            His cabinet has the highest IQ in history
            His inauguration was viewed by more people than any other in history
            He is giving the government back to the people
            He won’t travel very much. He will stay at the White House and work.
            He just grabs p**sy when he wants
            He never grabs p**sy. It was just locker room talk
            He has a relationship with Putin
            He’s never met Putin
            He met Putin in a green room before the shot 60 Minutes
            Obama wiretapped him
            Obama is a great guy
            Obama is a sick, bad guy
            94 million Americans are unemployed
            Mexico is going to pay for the wall
            Mexico is going to reimburse us for the wall
            Mexico is going to pay with tariffs

            If you believe EVERYTHING Trump says. You have to be very confused.
            That’s the only way your replies make sense.

            And equating Obama, who is not President anymore, to Belshazzar and Trump to Daniel is really twisted. This is worst than your first misinformed reply.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Smile away quietly now…

  • DougH2

    Wow! You have to go all the way back to 2012 to find this so-called lie. With Trump you only have to wait until his next speech.

    How far back do you have to go to find negative growth. The previous two Republican Presidents is as far as you have to look. I’ll take 2% growth over recession (negative growth) any day.

    I’m black and I live in a black neighborhood. We faired quite well under Obama. None of my working children make less than $70K. They all graduated and got jobs under Obama. One just got a job making nearly twice that in San Francisco. Hopefully Trump won’t screw up the economy like Bush did.

    The worst President in my lifetime failed at protecting our country from the worst attack by a foreign enemy on American soil on 9/11/2001. He presided over an economy that produced two recessions. The last was so bad it’s remembered as the Great Recession. It produced record foreclosures, record bank closures, record bankruptcies, and nearly ended the American automobile industry.

    But then again, Obama is black. So he must be the worst. What was I thinking.