Wikileaks and the Rothschild Connection

Well, this interesting. Much of what the speaker says is factual – but there is an OMISSION in his “analysis” that is SO GLARING that it challenges the credibility of the “message” (see below)

First, the “facts”:

The speaker mentions (6:15) states that the Rothies began “grooming” Assange in 2008, when Wikileaks was given a “new media award” by the prestigious Economist magazine.

He also correctly identifies the Rothschild family as being a MAJOR stakeholder in the Economist.

Per Wikipedia:

The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff. The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.

The above page also affirms the video’s assertion that “[Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild was Chairman of the company from 1972 to 1989]”( A quick glance at the Wikipedia page of his Sir Evelyn’s wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, confirms the speaker’s assertion that she is also associated with The Economist:

Rothschild currently serves on the Board of Directors of Estée Lauder Companies, The Economist Group,[6] Bronfman E.L. Rothschild LP and Christies International. She has also served on the Boards of Directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and General Instruments, Inc.

Okay, so we’ve confirmed his assertions regarding Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s association with The Economist – BUT, there is yet another association that the couple has that was not mentioned AT ALL:

Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild are best buddies with Hillary Clinton, and the intimace of that relationship was made public by – you guessed it – WIKILEAKS:

From: Hillary Clinton

To: Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Date: 2010-04-19 04:42

Subject: MISS YOU

Yes, Hillary and the Rothies are VERY cozy. Another example is this New York Times article published SEPT. 3, 2016:

Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich


Another advantage to choosing private fund-raisers over town halls or other public events is that Mrs. Clinton can bask in an affectionate embrace as hosts try to limit confrontational engagements.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a backer of Democrats and a friend of the Clintons’, made sure attendees did not grill Mrs. Clinton at the $100,000-per-couple lamb dinner Mrs. Forester de Rothschild hosted under a tent on the lawn of her oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

“I said, ‘Let’s make it a nice night for her and show her our love,’” Mrs. Forester de Rothschild said.

Okay, so the gent in the video is telling us that Wikileaks is TOTALLY CONTROLLED by the Rothschilds – but if that be the case, why are the Rothschilds exposing – through Wikileaks – their creepy-cozy relationship with Hillary?

Better still, why would the Rothies release REAMS of material – through Wikileaks – that had the effect of UTTERLY DESTROYING Hillary’s campaign?

A couple of possibilities come to mind:

  1. That the Rothies DO NOT control Wikileaks, and the video was released with the intent of damaging the credibility of Wikileaks in the public mind – by creating suspicion that the (alleged) Rothschild control means that nothing they release can be trusted


  1. That they DO control Wikileaks, and engineered the fall of Hillary (and concurrent rise of Trump) with the intent of creating massive division within US (and world) society – potentially fanning the flames into an all-out civil war or other general breakdown of society when (and if) Trump’s election is reversed – perhaps via a “discovery of vote rigging” (allegedly by Trump and “the Russians”), or via the betrayal of “faithless” members of the Electoral College

Perhaps some of you have other thoughts?


h/t Amos_Quito