WikiLeaks Email Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Hatred For “Everyday Americans”…Remember All Of The Dead Doctors, Scientists And Microbiologists? Did They Know The Elites Were Killing Us “Everyday Americans” Off?

by Pamela Williams

This is absolutely sinister beyond belief, but Americans have been bombarded with THE SINISTER for sometime now. We should be used to this, but at the same time we should question everything. Use your discernment and ask yourself if this resonates with you. It does strike me as surreal, but at the same time I believe it, and I feel it should be shared. You decide, but please take the time to look at this.

So much has been revealed to us through the WikiLeaks Email Leaks especially concerning Hillary Clinton. We as Americans wish the Department of Justice would indict her, but we know in our heart of hearts they won’t. At least she is being exposed for the evil person she is.

We have learned she hates “everyday Americans”, as we know the Elites do. If someone with her ties joins the world tech leader specializing in nanotechnology, drone technology, and works with the military industrial complex…they could destroy all of us as they crave to do.

Julian Assange has announced recently he is soon to reveal secret data on Google. Yes, your everyday search engine is much more than a search engine. Google has just bought every drone company they could get their hands on. They are powerful beyond what most know, and they work hand in hand with the United States military. Also, the Google CEO Eric Schmidt supports Hillary Clinton for President.

Remember all the scientists, holistic doctors, and microbiologists who have died under mysterious circumstances? Lets not forget these people, for they must have discovered something that the Elites did not want the public to know.



I will continue to report on these stories despite death threats, being put on a hit list that was posted publicly (which we think is fake- but who makes up that kind of stuff?).  I’ll be speaking at a few events in 2016 on the subject, one will be a group of doctors with several thousand in attendance.

I don’t want other doctors to live in fear. I know many have shut down their practice or have hired bodyguards due to these reports. I understand it’s necessary to be aware and safe, but I hope that those brave enough to work in holistic medicine will keep carrying the torch and doing their great work, in memory of those we lost this year.(You will find a list of the doctors who have died at the above link.)


Anybody who has been paying attention to ‘real news’ know that the globalists who’ve been running America into the ground absolutely HATE real Americans as was recently examplified in this leaked email from John Podesta detailing Hillary Clinton’s absolute hatred of ‘every day Americans’.

Alternative news readers are also well aware of the Georgia Guidestones which details the need for a massive depopulation event so that the world can get down to 500 million people from the nearly 7.5 billion people living here now, a drop of more than 90%. We’ve long expected the globalists to unleash some kind of ‘depopulation event’ upon the world and specifically America where predicts there will only be 61 million Americans living here in 2025, down nearly 260 million from the 321 million Americans living here now, a drop of over 80% of our current population.

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As we read in these recent stories coming to us from out of the News Journal Search, a rare blood infection was spreading across large parts of America as winter came to a close last March. Called Elizabethkingia, we were told last March that the CDC was baffled by this mysterious blood-borne illness that had killed 15 people by then in Wisconsin and another one in Michigan.  While 6 deaths were linked to Elizabethkingia in Illinois by April, the disease suddenly seemed to die out as warm weather arrived. With winter almost here again, might this mysterious blood borne disease break out again and might last winter only have been a ‘test run’ if this indeed was also some kind of nanobot biological weapon?

For those who still don’t believe that nanobots can live inside of us, the 2nd video below from Christopher Greene of AMTV shared with us that Google Nanobot RFID chips were being created to live inside of the human. Keep in mind while listening to that video that it was made 3 years ago. What more have they come up with since then?


The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, recently alleged that Google is working with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and there is evidence to suggest he is telling the truth. Recent searches on Google, when compared with Bing and Yahoo, seem to suggest that the search engine is burying negative stories about Clinton, even while the Analytics tool shows that more people are searching for them.

Speaking via video conference from the Ecuadorian embassy in London as part of the event “New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream,” Assange declared that “Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” He also mentioned that Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, is now heading the Pentagon’s innovation branch.

“Google is heavily integrated with Washington power, at personal level and at business level,” Assange charged. “Google, which has increasing control over the distribution channels … is intensely allying itself with the US exceptionalism.”


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