WikiLeaks has a perfect decade long record for accurate vetting. That is why no one challeges the #PodestaFiles, including the White House…. Clinton lied in the debate. The US intelligence community did not say that WikiLeaks is ‘part of’ alleged state backed hacking at any time.



JournOlists are now going around claiming Wikileaks are fake:

Tim Kaine says he can’t verify the contents of Wikileaks:

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Hillary just confirmed it lol

Yeah she did! She confirmed it!

“Oh my 2 policies comment was about honest Abe…”


The Russian hacker group WikiLeaks must be droned!

Really, the Clinton surrogates on the Sunday morning talk shows called Wikileaks a “hacker group” and kept pushing the false claim of Russian involvement. Podesta himself was on Fox and they asked him no real hard questions about his leaked emails.



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