WikiLeaks says MasterCard has unblocked it from receiving donations

There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else, including donations to WikiLeaks, there’s MasterCard. WikiLeaks just published a statement on its website saying that the credit card company has finally resumed processing donations made to the secret-spilling organization using MasterCard. The news is a full reversal from the position MasterCard took back in December 2010, when it confirmed it would no longer be processing its customers’ donations made to WikiLeaks in the wake of the organization’s posting of over 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables online — a scandal known as “Cablegate.” “MasterCard International, has backed down and reversed its position,” reads the statement posted by WikiLeaks, which includes a link to its donations page. “WikiLeaks was notified of MasterCard International’s change in position by VALITOR, the Icelandic partner for VISA and MasterCard.”

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