WIKILEAKS/JULIAN ASSANGE Trolls The World – What A Letdown For Patriots!

by Pamela Williams

I stayed up with Alex Jones of, and I have to say he and his crew did an excellent job! The WikiLeaks Announcement itself was a “trainwreck”, and it is hard to believe it was such a major letdown. I am so disappointed and disgusted with Assange.

It is almost like you have to believe he is being held hostage and is scared to death. It is a mystery why Assange built his document leak up and threatened to destroy Hillary Clinton. Why did he do this?

I actually think at this point he has sold out to Clinton. He must be afraid for his life. How else can you explain this hype and letdown? Has Assange made some type of deal?

He did a lot of boasting of WikiLeaks and all the documents they have leaked, which roughly adds up to 3,000 a day. He said it gives the world access to documents without an attorney. He made the comments “fascinating to see the world around us, teaches you about the reactions of institutions, hard to access evidence to defend your rights, etc.”…nothing of any substance.

These are the surprising remarks Assange made:
1. Documents will be released BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR.

2. I would not do a document dump at 3AM IN THE MORNING.

3. There are enormous expectations in the United States.

4. I do not seek to harm Hillary Clinton.

5. WIKILEAKS has many US sources. (Maybe his sources told him to shut up.)

There was a true lack of energy, and it seemed he was advertising his book and seeking donations.

Some comments from Alex Jones were:
1. He is probably out of documents.
2. He has sold out and made a deal.
3. Are we looking at the death of WikiLeaks?
4. Hillary’s October surprise is Julian Assange trolling the world.

Someone from Twitter made the comment:
‘This is like Al Capone’s vault opening’.

Assange made no mention of key words like “Clinton” or “Democrats”.

I forgot this: in the beginning of the Conference, a video was played of comments from the US media on WikiLeaks and Assange. Some of these were:
1 .Assange is a high tech terrorist.
2. The US wants Assange.
3. He is an enemy combatant.
4. Just drone the guy.
5. Kill him.

In my opinion, Assange is terrified and in fear for his life. That is the only explanation I can believe.

If you went to bed, you missed nothing…except DISAPPOINTMENT.

Again I have to stress that Alex Jones and his crew were excellent and in total control of the program.