Will The False Flag Event At The Superbowl Get The Green Light ?

Cyprus is under review for the next installment of the bailout fund from the IMF, meanwhile the unemployment rate is now at 17.5%. In the US disposable income has dropped, the American people had to dig into their savings to purchase the holiday gifts in 2013. Walmart and Amazon sales have declined. The Geneva II peace talks stalled and John Kerry is now warning Syria that the removal of the chemical weapons is taking to long. CIA paid rebels targeted the chemical weapons to try to slow the extraction. White powder was found near the Superbowl stadium, this was to create fear of terrorism. The big question will the false flag event at the Superbowl get the green light?


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  • ThePurpleCrab

    New Jersey, where the nest of anthrax mailers and the israeli participants in the 9/11 event hid out.

    The terrorists are on their home ground.

  • Discordian

    Depends on whether or not the bankers are ready to crash the currency, economy, etc. They can”t do that without undisguised martial law in place; and they can’t put that in place without a false flag to “excuse” it.

    I would bet that it is likely, but I’ve been wrong often before on the timing.