Women with careers ‘twice as likely’ to be victims of domestic abuse as they ‘threaten men’s authority and power’

Women who work are more likely to be abused by male partners than women who don’t, a study has found. 

New research carried out in the US has found that domestic violence is more than twice as likely to happen in homes where both partners have jobs.

The study found that over 60 per cent of women in heterosexual couples where both partners worked reported victimisation, compared with just 30 per cent of those in relationships where just the male was employed.

The Texas-based researchers said the findings suggest that men may see lovers who have their own career rather than take the traditional role of staying at home as a threat to their ‘authority and power’.

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The figures are alarming with so many women going out to work in Britain, where one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime, with one incident reported to the police every minute. 

On average, 35 assaults happen before the police are called and according to the NSPCC, 12 per cent of under 11s, 18 per cent of 11-17s and 24 per cent of 18-24s have been exposed to domestic abuse between adults.

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