World record snowfall! Next 4 days! On Mt. Shasta!

Triple digit snowfall over weekend on Mt. Shasta; new world record?

from weather:

If anyone lived on the summit of California’s Mount Shasta, they’d need a mighty big shovel to dig out of the snowstorm that will bury the mountain in astronomical amounts of snow through the weekend — amounts that could flirt with world records.

The Thursday morning National Weather Service summit forecast for Shasta predicted an incredible 33 to 39 inches of snow — just for Thursday alone.

(By comparison, Atlanta, Ga., has reported 38.9 inches of snow since March 1, 1989 — a period of over 23 years.)

But it gets crazier.

Add in another 37 to 43 inches of snow Thursday night, and additional amounts ranging from  21 to 35 inches every 12 hours through Saturday night, plus a light dusting of 11 to 17 inches on Sunday…

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…and you get a storm total of 176 inches.  On the low end.

Add up the high end of the numbers and you get a forecast maximum of 218 inches of snow in four days!

How would that kind of four-day snow total stack up?  Consider these major all-time snowfall records that would be broken with a 200-inch snowfall:

  • According to Weather Underground, the world record for a single snowstorm is 189 inches in six days — guess where? Mount Shasta Ski Bowl in February 1959.
  • The National Climatic Data Center says California’s heaviestfour-day snowstorm was 145 inches at the Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Resort near Echo Summit in March-April 1982.
  • The U.S.four-day snow record is 163 inches at Thompson Pass, Alaska, in December 1955.



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