World War 3 Economic Collapse Happening NOW – Fiat Petrodollar, Hyperinflation, Global Currency Crash, NDAA Martial Law – By Winter Unemployment Explodes, More Foreclosures-Worse than Great Depression

BREAKING – Tweet from Max Keiser

My Geneva fund contact: Deutsche Bank is officially on suicide watch. DB will be the next ‘Lehman’ moment that triggers new collapse.

Paul Craig Roberts – By Winter Unemployment Explodes, More Foreclosures-Worse than Great Depression

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place. Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.”


Collateral Damage – QE3 and the Shadow Banking System – Ellen Brown

Rather than expanding the money supply, quantitative easing (QE) has actually caused it to shrink by sucking up the collateral needed by the shadow banking system to create credit. The “failure” of QE has prompted the Bank for International Settlemen…

QE3 Infinity ? Ron Paul Peter Schiff Ben Bernanke HyperInflation NDAA Martial Law Police State

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9 Ways the Federal Government has Hijacked your Rights & Taken over the Country

To be honest, we probably could have listed hundreds of different examples of government abuse. But we wanted to specifically focus on topics that we’ve covered over the last couple of years in relation to the Federal Governments attempts to Limit State Rights, Federalize local Police Forces, and most importantly how they are actively attempting to take away your freedoms and your liberty.

Feds Using National League of Cities & State Municipal Leagues to sidestep State Rights

Treasurys’ recent losses may be just the beginning

The rising yields that have characterized the bond markets over the past few months are only the start of a “potentially difficult transition” to a rising rate environment, says Michael Temple, director of U.S. credit research at asset-manager Pioneer Investments.

So, looking in the rearview mirror at the “Great Bond Bear Market of 1994” —  where investors were caught flatfooted as rates rose — Pioneer is shorting 5-year5_YEAR +2.32% and 10-year 10_YEAR +0.27% Treasurys and reducing exposure to duration.



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