World’s Biggest Ponzi Scheme Induced By Ben Bernanke Is Getting Ready To Explode

Casey Research: An update on the coming “bond market crash”

This Ponzi scheme is getting ready to explode…

From Bud Conrad, Chief Economist, Casey Research:

It is my contention that the 70-year debt supercycle has come to an end.

To put the current financial situation in perspective, here’s a long-term history of the debt-to-GDP ratio, which reached a record high at the beginning of the current crisis. It was a dramatic change in 2009, unlike anything since the aftermath of the Great Depression.

The highest the debt-to-GDP ratio had previously been for the United States was 301% at the bottom of the depression in 1933 when GDP collapsed and debt was high. The level became unsustainable in 2009, despite low interest rates. Weak borrowers were signing up to finance houses that they thought would increase in price forever. The point of the chart is that this downturn is different from all the recessions since World War II.

Total market debt includes debt of the federal government, state governments, households, business, financial institutions, and to foreigners. The components of the above total debt are shown below, so you can see which ones are stabilizing and which may be approaching unsustainable levels.

Looking forward, the most important problem is…

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