World’s Top Climate Scientists Admit “Computers” Got Global Warming Wrong. Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet

If Climate Gate didn’t silence the great global warming cult, then perhaps this will.

Climate scientists themselves now admit their calculations on global warming were WRONG, though they divert blame to glitchy computer models.

The reality is that all mainstream climate science to date has been fraudulent, and the fact that organizations like NASA and the CRU continually refuse to release the source data for their experiments to the public proves that they have been at least partially if not fully aware of the fraud.

Man-made climate change has been used as an excuse to fashion draconian environmental regulations that if implemented, will essentially tax the very air we breath, and set into motion the fantastical lie of “carbon pollution”, which regards the very act of human existence as a threat to the stability of the Earth’s biosphere.

It’s an elitist’s wet dream.

Thankfully, the Liberty Movement and legitimate researchers have exposed the scam, making the enforcement of carbon controls on a wide scale almost impossible.

Full AR5 draft leaked here, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing

Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet Just When Its Activity Should Be Highest



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  • Arizona

    SO ,do states who robbed everyone blind in the name of global warming have to give back all the money they stole ,or is it business as usual for them and they just keep on robbing everyone,and the climate scientist get off scott free…like every lying whore in government always do……………

  • YourNameHere

    These scientist all LIED to get the money. They can NEVER be trusted again as they sold their scientific credentials for a wad of green. The real green they wanted all along. So appropriate they called it being “green”. I call it being GREENY! Funny how they all sound similiar? Green-Greed, Greeny-Greedy, Lawyers-Liars, etc.

    A new term for all of this – they got ALGORED!

  • Boni Biggun

    This will only be a surprise to the zombie sheeple. the rest of us with critical thinking skills still intact, don’t listen to or trust ANYTHING from the controlled news/governments/scientists! They’re all bought & paid for by the luciferians of the NWO!

  • Scottar

    Will the sheeple now wakeup and vote these AGW clowns out?