“WOW: Crowd Starts Singing “Happy Birthday” to President Trump During His Cuba Speech”

President Trump makes remarks & participates in a signing on the U.S. policy towards Cuba at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, Florida.


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Most politicians avoid the crowds after the election because campaigning is just a thing they faked and they don’t really like being around the citizens. Trump on the other hand loves being with crowds of proud Americans, so much so that one of the first things he did after winning the most powerful position in the world was to go back to the people, thank them, and make sure they knew he meant every word he said.

Trump loves the people. He’s having the time of his life just being around fellow Americans and feeling the high energy. His time off from the job of keeping promises is going back to the people he loves to tell them all about it.

Best. President. Ever.



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