WTF: Facebook wants a Photo ID now?

My wife brought this to my attention last night. She at first noticed that her password for FB did not work anymore, so she went through the normal reset procedures. She created a new PW and when she logged in she got a message that states she has to provide a photo ID to validate her identity! At first i was thinking she has some malware infection with a browser hijack, but to my suprise when i went to log into my account i had to go through the same steps. I will never submit a photo ID to FB or anyone to use a web service..ever!

Here is a SS from their privacy page.

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Can facebook ask me to submit my photo id?

Facebook is asking me to confirm my ID. They want a color copy of my gov. issued ID to prove who I am. Is this a scam???


Facebook is a CIA tool..

Facebook Is a CIA/NSA Information Gathering Tool

Nostril Domus


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