WTF: Facebook wants a Photo ID now?

My wife brought this to my attention last night. She at first noticed that her password for FB did not work anymore, so she went through the normal reset procedures. She created a new PW and when she logged in she got a message that states she has to provide a photo ID to validate her identity! At first i was thinking she has some malware infection with a browser hijack, but to my suprise when i went to log into my account i had to go through the same steps. I will never submit a photo ID to FB or anyone to use a web service..ever!

Here is a SS from their privacy page.


Can facebook ask me to submit my photo id?

Facebook is asking me to confirm my ID. They want a color copy of my gov. issued ID to prove who I am. Is this a scam???


Facebook is a CIA tool..

Facebook Is a CIA/NSA Information Gathering Tool

Nostril Domus


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  • J A

    You people are really silly. With all the pictures and albums you people upload to that government database, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to identify each one of you sheep, and not just from your own albums, but tagged items as well. Happy sheeping!

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    What’s silly is you people who think posting in blogs and forums, texting and talking on your phones, living the digital lives that you are obviously living, as evidence by the fact that you read this article, you think that by avoiding twitter and facebook that you are somehow immune to the sheeple effect? It’s laughably delusional of you, if you think so. Unless you are living off the land on an unplugged ranch in the sticks, you are on the radar. Facebook has nothing to do with it, they have what they need if they decide to move against you, as an individual.

  • Francois

    how about submitting a photo of yourself wearing a death mask?

  • Arizona

    THE LORD says the anti-christ will lead america into captivity,most will glady follow,not realizing death will shortly follow,america has been blinded,and are now willing to sacrifice family and friends to LUCIFER,to be politily correct………………….

  • Gamen Luster

    Huh…well….all of you who think this isn’t real….wait til it happens to you. Your next. Then the rest of us that were targeted to do this will have the last laugh.

  • Mike

    Just happened to me, I told them, no way, either fix the login or cancel the acct, just inform me, so I can make another I’m far from a sheep. I have only about 30 friends, just family and friends that I know personally, any one of them I could call or text, but the FB format for pictures and posts is convenient, I believe that I don’t use their phone app, just a web browser, the app takes in too much data. There is a big difference of posting occasional pictures of yourself and submitting photo I’D, this should be done at sign up for age verification, if that is the purpose not a decade later. its just them wanting more info, they aren’t the govt, they sell your info to whoever will pay for it.

  • Jo

    I dont get the opposition of EXISTING users………… you’re all posting pictures of yourselves to that collective. So whats the problem? Dont you think that facebook can see ANY THING IT WANTS TO in your account? If you dont then you’re really REALLY lost…. I suggest you get a clear understanding of how database systems work. ANY PERSON WHO HAS ACCESS AT FACEBOOK has access to EVERY SINGLE THING YOU POST. Including the picture you dont want to give to them. They’ll figure you out one way or another. Smart people dont use facebook.

    • Binku Muja

      Just saw the post date. Ignore this.