WTF! Youtube Removes Truth Video On Crisis Actors & Paid Actors!

As you can see , SOMEONE Did NOT Like the truth being told !! I AM Appealing this as i do every one … I Have Won Every Appeal Because i Stand Right in my work! If this is Not Over Turned ……Then you know the Powers don’t want it that way ……Killuminati !


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  • Bruce

    They took it off coz it was a shite video. I saw it earlier today…but it was just of YOU raving…and it did not show any video evidence of actors…just a static photo.

    • g35suck

      STFU you damn shill. Fucking fake jew.

      • PJ London

        “g35suck does not play nicely with other children”

      • Bruce

        STFU?? Sounds like government talking. I’m no Jew, nor a shill…just was interested in the video topic…but when I viewed it, there was no real content proving anything, one way or the other…that’s what I was trying to say…. And to come back at someone with STFU…..well that tells the world where your head and your heart is at, doesn’t it? So is that how you deal with people who disagree with you? Tell them to STFU???? Seems you have the makings of a dictator in your heart. Such a pity…I thought people who expose these topics allowed or fought for freedom to speak.

  • //

    I Also Capitalize All My Sentences When I Make Confused And Rambling Posts On The Internets