WW3 Incoming – It’s Not “If” The US Attacks Syria, It’s “When”; Iran Vows “Immediate Destruction Of Israel” If Syria Attacked

The American people are against any war in Syria, Congress is being called back into session but at this time if they took a vote now it would be a no to war in Syria. The US is making their case and incrementally presenting evidence hoping to sway the rest of the world to agree with them. In the meantime the UN said it would take 2 weeks to go through all the evidence. The President is leaving on Sep 5 for the G20 meeting. The President is buying time because Congress, the American people and the rest of the world are not convinced that Assad did the attack. He is using this time to build a case before the UN results.

WW3 Incoming – Iran Vows “Immediate Destruction Of Israel” If Syria Attacked

Some more info: http://english.farsnews.com/newstext….


RUSSIA: U.S. fuels tension by deploying warships near Syria



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  • Sid

    America and Israel are scum oft the earth!

    • Jonny 5 is Alive

      If it weren’t them it would be someone else
      Their governments are scum… As are all governments.

      Until the people realise this we will always be slaves to them.
      I for one don’t plan on dying for my government but it doesn’t look like I’ll have a choice.

      It’s funny, they distract us with meaningless choices so we don’t open our eyes to the fact that we don’t have the most important choice of all.
      To rule ourselves

      The king is dead… Long live the king!

      Don’t expect anything to change anytime soon, other than more bodies in the mass graves of the 21st century

  • sleat

    Fast-foward a few years, to the next Waco, Ruby Ridge, or even a larger-scale civil war in the US. Russia and China are still around, and they have good memories. How long after the US decides to use unconventional weapons on certain groups of its own citizens, while it suffers from a convenient case of “Beltway amnesia” would the rest of the world finally decide “enough” and take some decisive action?

    The modern term “blowback” denoting unintended consequences of action, was actually originated with the use of chemical weapons, probably by artillery people in WWI. If you shoot chlorine or phosgene into the enemies trenches, and then the wind comes up, the stuff can easily, in a matter of minutes, end up fairly undiluted in your own trenches by blowback.

    How ironic, the many layers of unintended consequences that await the further actions of the US if it attacks Syria. Depending on who supplied whom with the sarin in the first place, we may even be squarely in the midst of blowback right now!

    One would have to assume that the more astute crowd of the US which are not victims of groupthink, understand the probability of many of these possible consequences, and actually intend for them to happen, or they’d be warning about them.

  • Dirk Den Hartog

    Israel is scum of the earth and controls the USA foreign policy.

    • Joe

      Agreed! Maybe we all need to spread what happened to judaics in Poland in 1956, and why it happened? That same treatment is coming to be the future here. Kicked out of 89 countries 109 times and all for doing what t.h.e.y. are doing now. This time when we “expell” t.h.e.m. perhaps we should make it from this planet rather than from a single country?

      • dragonkid818

        so what your saying is we do a holocaust( might not be the appropriate term for this but whatever)

  • Dirk Den Hartog

    Immediate destruction of Israel would not be a bad thing.

    • Watcher

      The deaths of innocents are a desirable thing eh?

  • Mike Hawk

    its the end of times as we know it. america is gonna go into martial law soon, people are gonna revolt, HAARP is gonna cause a crazy hurricane and crazy weather to disseminate america and parts of eastern europe and northern africa. we should all be trying to salvage the little things that never mattered to us before, such as soap, water, food, we should maybe learn how to at least survive in the wild. little things like this would go a long way for whats about to come, mark my words cuz when the time comes there is not a civilian soul on this planet that will stop whats coming, weather u beleive in god jesus or whomever even a higher power, like me such as the aliens (that are our actual creators in my opinion) follow your heart if it your natrual instinct to do so then dont think twice to do something.
    alot of my family said obama is the antichrist from what i have studied it seems that the he might be the 3rd antichrist to walk the earth, but because i follow the pladieans i feel he is a reptilian alien seeking to enslave humanity
    but hey dont listen to me im just a crazy guy who dont know what im talking about right? im the conspiracy theorist. im the geeky nerd. im the insane person. think what you like but in all actuality i really do speak truth. just be aware of your surroundings and who you trust. do not dwell on things that will not be needed in the near future. this world will be poisoned much sooner than we all know. anyways time is short. if you would like to send me a personal message text me 9512895194 i am from moreno valley california thank you

    • Eat at Joe’s

      there’s another article on investmentwathcblog where not only Napolitano but another DHS official claim an “Imminent” natural event (EMP) 100%
      I think “they” will sabotage our grid with an EMP (from Iran or Russia, of course- after “they” start a war with Syria”)
      This is a great way to cripple distribution of goods and go for a nationwide Martial Law.
      Or if there really is a natural EMP, that would work too.

  • stupidisstupiddoes

    This is incorrect congress is not being called back in. They will be back in next Monday 9/9 and then they will vote on if military action should be used. And when congress votes they will vote yes. Do you know how many republicans are for this attack? This article lacks intelligence.

  • stupidisstupiddoes

    My comments on the validity of this article are being deleted

  • Big M

    Who in Hell wrote this garbage? The US is presenting evidence? The US is making its case? It has no case. This is the same bunch of criminals that sold Hussein chemical weapons and later turned Iraq into an environmental nightmare by firing depleted uranium all over the place, that used CS gas on its own people in Waco, that dropped 43 million liters of Agent Orange on Vietnam, that supplied the weapons-grade anthrax that was sent to members of CONgress after 9/11, the list goes on and on. Listening to these slimy criminal murderers, instigated and owned by Jews, Zionists and banksters while propping themselves up as the protectors and avengers of innocent people is enough to make a priest curse God.

    If Iran actually made such a threat, here’s hoping it becomes reality. Tomorrow.

  • rapidz77

    Death to Israel – they bully Palestine time for then to get fucked

  • Watcher

    This is madness….. We’re all human. Think about that for a minute. Let it marinade. Why are we letting these people we call “leaders” lead us into suicidal extinction for imaginary lines on a map? For such petty differences?