WW3 -Obama backed rebels BEHEADING CHRISTAINS- FoxNews

ww3 update. Syria Convert To ISLAM OR DIE Christians Under Attack


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  • Tony

    Stupid. Why do they have polls about a reelected President, as he cant run for office anymore.

  • Chesyre

    So you are taking up a collection for the westboro baptist church to do a evangelical vacation in syria ?

  • gino

    The Jews’ Noachide Law also calls for lopping of heads of ‘unrepentant Christians’ and they run everything.

    • jobeob987

      The Noachide Law is pre-Christian

      • hp b

        So is God.

  • Ld Elon

    Christians in the middle again i see…

    Presidente, isn’t going to bomb the city, the rebels took it cause the christian world is watching, its a strategic placement…

    If they, the government aren’t careful, these squads, the opposition, will start waving fingers of blame again, shouting for help, in stopping the destruction of the ancient city’s…

    They realise its a destruction of history they are helping create. they under stand the three symbols are inevitably linked my geometry, and they cant deny, that the cube is used in each of their faiths.

    The same cube they stone, is the same cube that is crossed, and polarised.

    Osirus, Isis, Horus, the fam. circle and the square, Omus. cube and the sphere.