WW3 – Putin blasts Obama – It is a PROVOCATION for WAR!

This Speach by Putin is very enlightening will there be ww3? I believe you can hear the undertone of Putin, he is trying to avert WW3. And the seriousness of this threat of ww3 is being stressed and Putin is trying before all hell breaks loose to persuade the west and various allies of Obama to stand down before it is too late and we are full blown into ww3 ! Will putin succeed in diverting ww3?


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  • Drdetroitdanchap

    America plans to “punish” Syria for supposed ly using poison gas. What is AMERICA going to use? DEPLETED URANIUM, WHITE PHOSPHOROUS, CLUSTER BOMBS on Civilians, AGENT ORANGE??? America better hope she is not held to her own “standards”.

  • Joseph James

    Amerika Babylon – Will soon be given a full cup of His wrath. Get right with our Savior, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach and pray for your friends family and neighbors…prayers for this nation are no longer heard..

  • bob

    if putin had a son ….Luke Rudowski

  • Arizona

    NO matter where you go in america,the first thing you’ll notice when you look at any american,IS THE BLOOD STAINS around their mouth,americans have became the most BLOOD THRISTY ANIMALS on planet earth,even the police gangs are in on it,THAT WAS america in the barn at the animal rescue(GIGGLES) the brave swat team killed,THE GOOD LORD will burn all the american people to death in a nuclear fire,and they’ll love it,they be able to justifie eating the survivors,CAUSE THEIR FAT ASS WAS HUNGRY……………………

    • Jimbob

      What are you? Some sort of nut bag?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Coherent much???

  • lucille rothstein

    We will bomb you into peace, or pieces? Amerika is wrong in doing this, already the commercials on TV are showing young men and women in situations looking patriotic while patriotic music plays in the background. Join the NAVY, join the Marines. Army strong, air force this and that. Don’t believe the hype. It’s stupid for anybody to join now. You will only show how ignorant and stupid you are by joining the lies. Did you see McCain playing poker while they were having their discussion on war on Syria? They don’t care about you. Please ask veterans living on the street what they think about this. Or any of them that are just trying to exist and live in our community. It’s all lies, they want to use you to go and kill people who do not want you there and you are not a hero. They have contrived this war just like all the others. They want to put in place people that they want so that they can benefit from it. Also they will benefit from all of the government contracts that they will give out to all of the corporations that they are part owners to or have ties to that pay them to cause these disgusting wars. They are evil to the core and they don’t care who dies. Don’t join and please tell anybody you know not to fall for this.

  • reallynotnuts

    God knows how to deal with selfwilled, arrogant, thugs..it called the Russians and the chinese. It seems our leaders fail to regonize who puts rulers in power and who takes them down. Fellow americans with any wisdom step out of the way and let this happen..Its God s hand. When this heavenly beat down is finished, we will get our country back to rebuild again on a right foundation.

  • Daniel D

    The globalist elite puppeteers are forcing Obama to start this illegal war against Syria because they have the goods on him for high treason and the smoking gun proof that he was the one who gave the green light for CIA weapons running to the Syrian rebels or that at the very least he was complicit. But this is one of many crimes that Obama the usurper has committed. The assumption is he knew about the attack on Benghazi and let the ambassador and marines be murdered in order to sweep away any evidence. I think Obama is going to do everything he can to start this war to save his skin but then the world will come against the U.S. and so God’s judgement will ensue for against America for rejecting the God of the bible. This has perhaps been in the working for many decades. Obama will most likely be the last president of the United States and written in history last the Nero of his time. Those John Birch’ers going back to the 50’s weren’t so out there after all now were they?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Nope, they never were. If you’re a Constitutionalist, your common sense never goes out of fashion!

      • Daniel D


  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Yes, indeed. Burrak Aboma is provoking WW3. Russia has to stop him before it is too late!

  • Annibal

    USA is the only nation on earth that ever used a nuclear weapon against another country!
    Who is the real terrorist here?????

  • TTS

    It’s embarrassing to listen to Putin. He is a real man and a real leader. None of his actions or words are Hollywood scripted by the Globalist Puppeteers. Proof that Russia is still a sovereign country is Russia’s abandonment of the US Dollar and Petrodollar, which began in 2005. Russia’s recent economy boom is predicated upon this. The Syrian issue has NOTHING to do with gassing its people. It’s about a debt-ridden dollar that will soon die due to the World’s lack of faith in it. The bankers are trying desperately to keep it alive for a bit longer by forcing OPEC members to trade oil for petrodollars (commodity-backed US Dollar) instead of oil for gold as Russia, China, India and others have chosen to do. Obama and his lackeys are the bankers puppets, trying to make it happen. They still need to suck a bit more out of their slave-system and need time to convert their soon-to-be-worthless gobs of dollars into hard assets. The dollar has a terminal disease called greed and corruption. The petrodollar is the only thing propping up the debt-ridden dollar. Furthermore, all one has to do is look at history to predict the future of the dollar. Once the dollar collapses, the enormously leveraged ponzi scheme called the derivatives market will crash. The rest is dominoes. Anarchy will quickly ensue in the USA. This country will be unrecognizable, worse than any third world country. Most of the people in this country will die within a year or sooner. This is coming fast, folks. Do whatever you can to be prepared. Be a watchman. Tell your friends, neighbors and family (if they will listen). Most important, get right with your Cre-ator. Time to do this runs out soon.

  • notinmyname

    We in the USA do not want this. Our government has stopped representing us. We have turned our back on God and for that we are in serious trouble. I vote we let Russia deal with it. The terrorist (rebels) are currently attacking a christian village.

  • Lori Metevia

    What happened to evidence that it was the rebels who did it? What would Assad gain by doing this? According to prophecy, a third of us will die by fire in a future event. It does not indicate who it will be. It could be Russians. It could be us. It could be the people in the Middle East. Or it could be all of the above. We would wise to avoid WWIII for as long as possible. I would not want to have the death of over 2 billion people on my conscious. Let’s pray that our leaders count the cost and do the right thing.

  • rwpjr84

    This comments section is so full of nonsense, if the United States wanted this war as badly as you all claim, it would’ve already begun. Russians are the one’s that want this war, they just want to seem like they are on the right side of things when it’s written into the history books by claiming that they didn’t want war in the first place. Putin will continue his push for expansion despite the warnings from the international community, Putin is the one driving this war forward. The people commenting here are either so indoctrinated by the lies of their government run media that they are unable to think for themselves, or they’re simply here to push political propaganda.

  • Terence Cupit

    Russian rebels shoot down passenger jet.