WW3 RED ALERT: Obama Threatens “Proportional” Attack on Russia As Tensions With Putin Rise, Possible False Flag to blame Russia for hacking Elections and Major City Cyber Attack

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest promised on Tuesday that the U.S. would deliver a “proportional” response to Russia’s alleged hacking of American computer systems.

In addition to pledging that the U.S. “will ensure that our response is proportional,” Earnest told reporters flying on Air Force One that “it is unlikely that our response would be announced in advance.”




ALEX JONES: Possible False Flag to blame Russia for hacking Elections and Major City Cyber Attack

Alex Jones states:

With all the Media hype about claims that Russia is hacking to release emails to smear Hillary in an attempt to get Trump Elected…

there could be a possible false flag cyber attack on a US city or a false flag fake news STORY saying Russia hacked the upcoming elections!!!

What a good excuse to start a WAR with them.

For a full break down see Alex Jones’ channel for his 10/16 sunday show as he breaks it down further.

Snowden ridicules Joe Biden’s cyberthreats against Russia

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has made fun of US Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement to respond to hack attacks, allegedly conducted by Russia, with a crafty counterstrike.

Speaking to the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” earlier this week, Biden said that “at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact,” Washington would exact revenge against Moscow for its alleged interference with the upcoming US elections.





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  • Tim Hadfield

    Bring back Jerry Springer. His show made more sense than this.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Putin is the only World leader standing up for Western European CHRISTIAN Democratic Civilization. Merkel and the TREASONOUS Brussels Politicians have thrown open the GATES of the CITY to GENOCIDAL Refujihadi INVADERS who have been pushed that way by US/NATO actions and Israeli deceit. As a matter of FACT — Hillary is ANTI-Christianity — http://www.lifenews.com/2016/10/12/hillary-clinton-campaign-spokeswoman-mocks-catholics-calling-catholic-faith-severely-backwards/
    Now, according to “THEM” he is exposing corruption, fraud and deceit in the electoral process for which the People should be GRATEFUL
    — and do not forget , if Russia could hack DNC’s servers what about Hillary’s UNPROTECTED server ???? As for “betraying America” …… The Clintons are documented EXPERTS at that …..
    Jame Comey did more actual damage to America than did Benedict Arnold. How much were you PAID for that TREASON Mr. Comey?

    All the noise about RUSSIA hacking the voting system is DNC/Clintons preparing the SMOKE SCREEN —– Hillary will hack the system & blame the RUSSIANS

    • gmatch

      You could ask the same question about, why a little private soldier like Manning could steal information from military servers. I remember with the Swiss Bank I worked for – everything was logged and nobody in the team had ever access to production date, because there was no physical link!

  • Zaphod Braden

    What no one mentions is — DRAFT DODGING Joe “FIVE deferments” Biden is a
    Female secret service agents hate being assigned to Joe Biden because of his love of SKINNY DIPPING – and consider him the second worst assignment… after Hillary, claims book

  • hvaiallverden

    In order to stage an coup, they need an reason, and this is Their reason, aka Russian hacker whatever.
    Of course, accordingly to the wackos in there, ww3 is their aim, and are there still out there people whom refuses to see it, its glaringly obvious.

    The press, well, have gone rough, have nothing left then manufactured nonsense and wrped with pure bullshit we get the news.
    Nice wrapped manure, still stinks YankeeBoy, high heaven.

    wake up, joesixpack, or die asleep.


  • gmatch

    I think Obama plans to print a billion pictures of his wife/mother – and drop it over Russia – which makes them puke.