York Prep Manhattan private school are telling suicides to write SUICIDE NOTES for homework

Parents’ horror as children at $41,000-a-year Manhattan private school are told to write SUICIDE NOTES for homework

Parents’ have revealed their horror after finding out students at a $41,000-a-year Manhattan private school were instructed to suicide notes for their homework.

The teenagers at York Prep were given the macabre assignment by their English teacher.

But parents of the elite private school blasted the task of writing a first-person suicide note as ‘inappropriate.’


For-Profit Private School Is Calling Its Own Shots

Here are a few of the ways that Ronald P. Stewart, co-founder and headmaster of the York Preparatory School, thinks his school is different from other New York City private schools:

It has no board of directors (“why would I hire someone who could fire me?”). It accepts more than half the students who apply (“we do not seek to be the most exclusive school in Manhattan”). And after York takes $36,000 or more from parents each year, Mr. Stewart has no qualms about telling them to back off. “The student is our client,” he says.


Teacher assigns students to write suicide notes for class

“How would you justify ending your life? What reasons would you give?” Those questions made up an assignment given to ninth graders asked to write suicide notes from the perspective of a fictional character that killed herself.




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  • Joe

    This site wins the breathless headline award. The headline makes no sense.

  • Rich Cream

    Gee, when I was in HS our teacher took us to see a play called The Shadow Box which was about the five stages of acceptance. The horror! How could they let children think about such terrible things like death.

  • Fred

    Is Investment Watch using suicidal school children to edit it’s articles ?

  • jon reid

    They can then eloquently elaborate the reason for their fatality…..SSRI antidepressants!! :-)

  • robertsgt40

    I think this is awesome! Now those that can afford to pay these kind of bucks can see firsthand the kind of garbage that is being pumped to the masses thru govt skools..