You know how President Trump speaks inconvenient truths and then the corporate media and corrupt politicians claim he’s not telling the truth…

Just thinking this morning…

Remember how President Trump said he was wiretapped and the corporate media and corrupt politicians said he was wrong…

Remember how President Trump said there were only 3 intelligence agencies that signed off on the Russian hacking report and the corporate media and corrupt politicians said he was wrong…

I’m sure there are other instances but those are the two that come to mind right now. Well most of us know that President Trump was proven correct in his statements even if the corporate media won’t admit it publicly.

Well, recently President Trump has asked publicly if the “alt left” should bear some responsibility for the violence in Charlottesville. Predictably the corporate media and corrupt politicians are all up in arms about this. How dare the President even imply such such a thing could be possible?

I’m sitting here wondering if this weekend will show the public in gory detail the truth of the President’s statements.

It seems that President Trump’s bold statements that so enrage the corporate media and corrupt politicians serve a very important purpose. They flush the enemy out into the public eye where the idiots end up showing their true colors for all to see.

I’m worried about what may happen at the protests/rallies planned for the weekend, and I hope all patriots remain safe. However, I think these events have to come to a head in this way to reveal the evil intentions of the communists on the left.

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There’s no place on this planet that human beings would rather be than the United States of America. And yet people born and raised in this country have been persuaded that America is a sinkhole, a hellhole, a sewer, a garbage dump, or a dungeon, and they’re in the process of actually creating all of that — under the guise that civil rights, equality, and liberty. The incomparable embrace of humanity that is the United States is under attack. Leftists, Democrats seek control over 100% of the population. They accomplish this with lies, such as the Affordable Health Care Act.

They accomplish it with one lie after another. The lies being told today are the lies designed to convince people their country is not worth maintaining as it is, their country is not worth maintaining as founded because it was founded as racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic (you know the drill), immoral and illegitimate. Ignorant people will not remain free for very long. The media is working on a path parallel with school systems to actively and passively distort information to wipe out from the vestiges of our history and our memory any collection of stories that testify to the greatness of America and her people.

h/t Daniel Higdon


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